Capital One Orange Bowl: Alabama vs Oklahoma

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Amani Bledsoe

Oklahoma Sooners

Q. Just take us through this week. I know it's business as usual, you guys are trying to play for a National Championship, but take us through the grind of getting ready for Alabama.
AMANI BLEDSOE: Just taking it day by day right now. You know, at practice, just trying to stay focused. It is easy to get distracted during this time, but we have to remember it is a business trip and we have a big challenge ahead of us. Also an exciting change at the same time.

Q. You guys play some great teams in the Big 12, some great offenses week in and week out. Alabama has had a lot of hype this year for what they have done offensively. Is this team that much better offensively than a lot of the teams this year, or is this kind of similar to some of the teams you've seen in the Big 12?
AMANI BLEDSOE: Well, I mean, this is just a very gifted group as a whole on all three sides of the ball, the way they execute. There's a reason they're No. 1 in the country. We're definitely looking forward to this challenge.

Q. Do you feel like there's a chip on your shoulder with so much talk about the yards you give up and that kind of stuff? Playing against Alabama, do you feel extra hungry on defense?
AMANI BLEDSOE: At the end of the day, we're just trying to play our best ball, play our best complementary team ball.

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