The Senior Open Presented by Rolex

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Sunningdale, Berkshire, England

Sunningdale Golf Club

Jerry Kelly

Quick Quotes

Q. What was your take on the round? What was your strength?

JERRY KELLY: Really wasn't a strength. A couple of my up-and-downs, that was really my strength. I found something in the swing yesterday and it was an awesome warmup. You know how that goes. And then I just hit terrible shots in the first bunch of holes and put myself in tough spots. I was just kind of playing swinging the whole day instead of playing golf like what I normally do.

What I found was so different and profound for me that I had to play a little swing. I just didn't do it very well. But I managed the course very well. I tend to get aggressive with my driver because I'm so straight with it but I respected the golf course probably more than I have any time here, and that's where it paid off, and I could just push it up there by the green.

Hopefully I get the swing back in the next five minutes, and rock and roll.

Q. Are you headed to the range to solidify that swing thought?

JERRY KELLY: I'm too old to have lunch and go to the range. I really have to go, right now.

Q. As far as this golf course, how does it suit your game when you're not playing swing?

JERRY KELLY: Very well, because I let that driver go, and be able to hit it, and you know, even when I'm laying up, I'm hitting 6- or 7-iron in, which I enjoy those clubs. We get the putter going, and those mid-irons, I'll be ready.

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