The Senior Open Presented by Rolex

Friday, July 23, 2021

Sunningdale, Berkshire, England

Sunningdale Golf Club

Jerry Kelly

Quick Quotes

Q. 66 in tough conditions, low round of the day to this point, one behind, what do you take away from the first 36 holes?

JERRY KELLY: I felt better at the range session yesterday. I definitely hit the ball tee-to-green much better today. There really weren't many new shots out there, a couple of them, but the putter was suspect and I kept on trying to do something, do something, and then finally the last four holes, I kept my head down, which you know I'm not known for.

Q. You've got a lot of moves out there on the green.

JERRY KELLY: I have to go back to that first driver, trying to fix something mechanically, if it's not going where I want when my head is down, then fix it. But don't start changing things around.

Q. Going to be a lot different condition on the weekend, a lot of rain, how do you prepare differently for that and what's your goal?

JERRY KELLY: I used to be a mudder, but I'm old. It's tough to be a mudder when you're old. I'm going to go with the mindset that you have to dig it out; and you're going to get bad lies; and you're going to go ahead the bad breaks, and it's going to be tough and you're going to have mud on the ball in some places and you're going to go play. Got to keep my head down and going to go after it.

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