The Senior Open Presented by Rolex

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Sunningdale, Berkshire, England

Sunningdale Golf Club

Paul Broadhurst

Quick Quotes

Q. What's the overriding feeling?

PAUL BROADHURST: I felt a tough day. I just felt lines were not, you know, how I really wanted them. A lot to shots to 30 feet, 35 feet and just didn't really have the pace of the greens. A little bit quicker today, and I just kept rolling everything to six feet, can't force it, I can't make it (indiscernible) close enough to give me the birdie opportunities.

So tomorrow I've got start getting the yardages. Get my irons better, anyway. In between the yardages an awful lot, some of the pins at the back so you have to play short, just a lot of (indiscernible) all day long.

Q. When you have a day like that, how important is your patience?

PAUL BROADHURST: Just have to keep patient. I pull an iron shot into 12 and I bogey, into the fairway. So back to even for the day, and even par in the last green but one is not going to do a great deal. So, yeah, just kept the patience and made a gritty four at 14. Just didn't hit it close enough the last few holes to have any birdie opportunities.

Q. Four back, certainly not --

PAUL BROADHURST: Oh, no, go into this, two majors (indiscernible). So it's not a position I've been in before, but you have some good days, and probably going to have to (indiscernible) tomorrow to have a chance. It's on. But you just got to hit the ball in the right place and just hope it's your day.

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