The Senior Open Presented by Rolex

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Auchterarder, Scotland, United Kingdom

PGA Centenary at Gleneagles

Markus Brier

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you assess an opening round 67 year at the Senior Open Championship?

MARKUS BRIER: I'm very happy, yes. It's not easy to get it close and to make enough birdies but today it was very calm, so was able to hit short irons a bit close sometimes and took advantage of the par 5s and the short par 4, 14th, and kept it together, except for one hole.

Q. You mentioned it was very calm out there. Was it conducive to good scoring, the conditions?

MARKUS BRIER: Yeah, it's not too bouncy so you can still -- the ball is roughly doing what you expected, and the wind -- the maximum wind speed was as weak as 3Ks. It's very nice to play, and you can do your shot and the wind is not crazy.

Q. How is the course in general? Did it have a linksy feel to it?

MARKUS BRIER: It's still bouncy but not like St Andrews last week. So you can use it very good on some holes and still the greens are firm but you can judge it, and it's not like unplayable. I think we will see a few good scores out there.

Q. Did you feel a good feeling with your form coming into the week?

MARKUS BRIER: A bit up-and-down. I got a few good rounds together. But I always had one bad round every tournament. I'm hitting the ball nicely, sometimes not on line but I get it in the middle most of the times. I'm happy, and yeah, today it was good. From 10 in, it was good ball-striking.

Q. How nice to have a run of tournaments now?

MARKUS BRIER: Very good. We didn't play much until May which now we have four in a row which sounds like much but it actually isn't because we haven't played much. Maybe I can take a day or two off sometimes in between but it's good to have four really good tournaments in a row and a couple of weeks off and another two, so that's a good run.

Q. What can you take from today's round going forward into the rest of the week?

MARKUS BRIER: Just stay within myself. I found a rhythm after No. 7 or 8. I hit a few good shots there. Just don't try to force it a little bit. My loose shots, I hit it too hard or some things like this, and I had a really few nice ones down the end and I think that's the key to the game.

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