The Senior Open Presented by Rolex

Friday, July 22, 2022

Auchterarder, Scotland, United Kingdom

PGA Centenary at Gleneagles

David Frost

Quick Quotes

DAVID FROST: I struck the ball really well off the tee the last two days, both days, and made a few putts that got me under par. Made a few par putts to save me from making the bogeys out there.

Overall, I struck the ball really well. So I'm very, very happy with my game.

Q. How was the golf course playing this morning?

DAVID FROST: The nice thing is the fairways are running. So even though it's into the wind, you still get 20, 30 yards run out there.

Front nine was downwind; the back nine more into the wind. Same as yesterday. It's just a challenge. A lot of blind shots off the tee. You just got to trust your line. Yeah, very similar to St Andrews. From the tee you've got to not guess, but you know where to go. You just have to commit to it. So that's the hard part here is the blind tee shots.

Q. Is it about making your bogey-free score on the back nine?

DAVID FROST: Well, on the front nine, there are no par-5s. So it's hard birdieing the par-4s and the par-3s. 18 is big. If you're 18, you've got to lay it up, and then you get close and you're trying to hit a 3-wood over the hill. And I banked it into the hill right now, which I didn't birdie today, but, yeah, the -- you know, you just got to play well. And birdies are out there. The greens are all so beautiful.

Q. How tough is it coming through the qualifier and what did that do for you coming into this week?

DAVID FROST: Well, I didn't have my luggage until Tuesday here. I had my golf clubs, but not my clothing. And had a couple of outfits that I had rotated from Friday all the way to Tuesday.

You know, I got over on Friday, played a couple of practice rounds. So I had a lot of golf up to today. I took Wednesday off. Played Tuesday. I've had a lot of golf. But it was -- yeah, it was very gratifying making the qualifier. I had to sweat it out a little bit on the last hour there with three guys that jumped in there. But, yeah, you know, my daughter said to me one time, I said, I don't think I'm going to qualify, she goes, Dad, that's your job.

So I've always seen it as my job, and I felt -- I enjoyed the golf courses in Scotland, love the bounciness. So, you know, it was nice to qualify and making the cut too. So a lot of fun out there.

Q. What do you feel at the end of the day it's going to take going to take going into the weekend?

DAVID FROST: For me, it's just nice to be where I am. Having a lead is always hard. So rather be one or two, three behind, and you can chase a little bit rather than play defensive when you've got the lead.

Yeah, I think, you know, 3-, 4-, 5-under is doable out here. The pins are in tough spots, so you're going to have to make long putts, and birdies will be getting close. And then, yeah, 4-, 5-, under is doable.

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