The Senior Open Presented by Rolex

Friday, July 22, 2022

Auchterarder, Scotland, United Kingdom

PGA Centenary at Gleneagles

Scott Parel

Quick Quotes

Q. Second right now 68, 6-under, give us your thoughts on that round?

SCOTT PAREL: Scrappy round today. I putted quite well. Didn't hit the ball maybe quite as good as yesterday but in the condition, a lot tougher so very happy with 68.

Q. Describe the conditions?

SCOTT PAREL: A little bit more wind and the tough holes are into the wind. No. 12 was a bear today. I hit every shot like I wanted and made a double-bogey. But that's what you're going to get here. The wind wasn't up that much. The cooler temperatures I think kept the ball from traveling the way we were used to earlier in the week.

Q. How important is it to bounce back following the bogey on 12?

SCOTT PAREL: I hit every shot like I wanted. It's hard to get mad when you make a 6. On 13, I didn't hit that poor a shot. So I wasn't that unhappy and I knew 14 and 18 were potential birdie chances, so just kept my wits about me.

Q. Your thoughts going into the weekend?

SCOTT PAREL: Just depends on the weather. If we get another day like today, then I think conditions will be a little more difficult. If it's more -- I think the weather not going to be any different, and then maybe Sunday even a little worse. So just try to get the ball in the fairway and if I can keep putting the way I have been, just give myself a chance.

Q. Would you prefer the conditions to be a little trickier?

SCOTT PAREL: You know, either way for me. It's really about holing putts. I think if it's tougher and you're putting well, I think you've got a better chance. Guys that maybe are hitting the ball great but maybe not putting quite as well, it's going to be tough to get balls real close to the hole, so you're going to have to hole some putts.

Q. How does it feel going into the weekend, being in contention for a major championship?

SCOTT PAREL: It feels good. It's been a little while since I've been in contention in a major. I'm looking forward to it. I don't know what it's going to be, probably eight, maybe nine, I don't know. Just two more days and keep playing the way I'm playing.

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