The Senior Open Presented by Rolex

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Auchterarder, Scotland, United Kingdom

PGA Centenary at Gleneagles

Paul Broadhurst

Quick Quotes

Q. Third round 66, how pleased are you with that, bearing in mind conditions toward the end?

PAUL BROADHURST: Absolutely, last six, you just have to try and hit it in the fairways and keep it on the greens because you can rattle up some big numbers around here if you start spraying it. In that weather, quite easy to lose a grip. Really pleased that I played 13, 14, 15, and disappointed at the last missing a 6-footer. 4-under coming down the straight, I was quite happy.

Q. Talk us through those birdies from 13 to 15, really got it going there.

PAUL BROADHURST: Yeah, that's where the weather turned. I had a really good draw. I was pressing my caddie on 13. He wanted me to hit 6 and I was think it's 5. I hit 6 and just killed it. Rolled a nice 15-footer in. Just played 14 sensible. I'm not one of the longer hitters that can carry the trap. Hit in close.

In the pouring rain on 15, I'm praying I can get it out in the middle of the club off the tee. Hit a good drive and great 8-iron in, rolled a nice putt in. Yeah, delighted in the conditions. Hope it's not quite like that tomorrow.

Q. Do you see how close it was from going in on 15?

PAUL BROADHURST: Short, wasn't it. It was quite a long way short.

Q. It hit the flag.

PAUL BROADHURST: Hit the flag and come on up? You're joking. I had no idea. I didn't realise it hit the flag. Probably done me a favour otherwise I'd have another 30-footer back up the hill.

I didn't realise that. Hit a proper chip, but happy I hit it to 12 feet.

Q. I know it was damp but how did the course differ from the first two days?

PAUL BROADHURST: Massively. You're not getting anywhere near as much run. The greens are suddenly starting to take a shot and you're not getting a 20-yard bounce.

Back nine last two days has played tough. Yesterday was the first time I played the back nine into the wind all week. I struggled. Today I played it a lot better. Some positives to take into tomorrow.

Q. 3-over through five first day. Got a chance to win. Excited?

PAUL BROADHURST: Yeah, just look at the leaderboard, some top names right behind me. I'm under no illusions, I'm going to have to go out and shoot a number tomorrow. If the weather is fair, I don't think it's particularly -- the forecast is particularly good. I don't mind the wind, and the rain is okay if it's not blowing but if you get both, it's brutal. But we'll see tomorrow.

Q. You had to shoot a number the first time to win, it didn't you?

PAUL BROADHURST: Yeah, Carnoustie, I shot 66. It was similar weather to this. Probably we didn't get the heavy rain like we did this afternoon but it was like misty drizzle. As long as it's not terrible tomorrow, give the guys a chance of making a score. You don't want it where 74 is a good score. Put a damper on the tournament. Hopefully the weather is kind to us.

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