The Senior Open Presented by Rolex

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Auchterarder, Scotland, United Kingdom

PGA Centenary at Gleneagles

Darren Clarke

Quick Quotes

Q. Thank you for holing that putt on the last. I didn't know what I was going to say.

DARREN CLARKE: I didn't know what I'd have said, too. You know, my mind, I've gone out there and I've played nicely all day. I've given myself chance after chance. I've hit good putts. They just haven't gone in. I've hit 17 greens leading the tournament and played lovely. At least one decided to go in at the last.

Q. Would it be fair to say, they are turning a lot more quicker and now hugging the ground because of the moisture?

DARREN CLARKE: Yeah, everybody has the same scenario. Everybody has practised and we got some rain today and I lost my speed today. I think that's what happened, and I got away with that tee ball on No. 12, and then got a hybrid onto the green and three-putted. I just lost my speed there. It was difficult with the moisture on there. But it's the same for everybody.

But certainly putted a little bit differently than I have done the first two days.

Q. I'm sure you would have played golf back in the day when you used to come up here for The Scottish Open. Looks to me, would it be fair to stay, that you feel very much at home now?

DARREN CLARKE: I was really pleased the way I paid today. I was conservative. I played away from quite a few flag flags but still gave myself enough opportunities. I just didn't make them. Nice to know the golf course, where you can attack. Today was one of those so-so days.

Q. You have won The Open Championship. What would it mean to you to lift this and do the double?

DARREN CLARKE: It would be pretty cool to have both of them sitting beside each other, you know what I mean. I would love to win the Senior British Open as well as the main Open.

Tomorrow I give myself an opportunity again. I did it last year, and I gave myself an opportunity. Felt like I didn't quite play well enough on the Sunday. Doddy came through and played great. Hopefully hit a couple more putts and give myself a better chance coming down the last few holes.

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