The Senior Open Presented by Rolex

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Auchterarder, Scotland, United Kingdom

PGA Centenary at Gleneagles

Doug Barron

Quick Quotes

Q. In what were brutal conditions out there at times, how good was 65?

DOUG BARRON: 65 was awesome. If you would have given me three more holes, I'd do it again and take my chances. I put myself right there, and I didn't make the putts on the last three holes but I played a beautiful round of golf.

The front nine was brutal at times. We were in three layers, rain clothes. It was coming down sideways. Hung in there. Had to get the greens squeegeed.

But played good. The putts got so slow because there was so much moisture in the ground. I made that putt on 15 and was like, oh, I got it. Then 16, I hit a nice putt. 17 I hit a nice putt. And 18, I killed the first putt. I was like, I couldn't believe I left it short.

Played great golf. I have no complaints. I don't think 8 is going to do it but you know, you never know out here. We'll see. There's not enough wind. I need the rain to come back in.

Q. How aware were you of your position playing the last couple holes?

DOUG BARRON: At 3-under, I knew when I turned at 1-under and birdied 10 and 11; and then parred 12, which was great; and then parred 13, which is great, another great hole; and then quite frankly, birdied 14, I looked at the board. And then I birdied 15, and then I was like, heck, let's go.

I look with three or four to go, because I like to play aggressive. I hope I'm known for that because I'm not laying up.

So anyways, played good golf. I think there's going to be a couple guys that beat me today. I was too far back. I think I needed more conditions coming in.

Q. Did you feel you needed one more playing 18?

DOUG BARRON: I would have liked to made a birdie at 18. I think 10-under is going to win it personally, 10 or 11, I had 11 in my mind all day so I never really got excited. I just thought 11 was the number, especially when the wind, the rain stopped -- I know it's wet out there, but the greens, you can kind of fly it to the hole like we are used to in the States. It kind of took the fun out of it if you ask me.

Q. How tough was it in that hour-period when it started coming down?

DOUG BARRON: It was tough more that the ball just didn't go very far and then you had to fly it farther. You had to almost play a club and a half more. That was the tough part.

Putting, I thought I adapted to it pretty good but then I left them short at the end, and I wasn't trying, I promise.

So it is what it is. It was a fun day. I love playing golf over here. That's the beauty of golf in Europe over here. The weather changes on a whim and it makes it fun, and so there's no guarantee for anything.

When we started the day, it was supposed to blow 25 all day and look at the wind right now; it's not even blowing. Pretty fun.

Q. All in all, a good week?

DOUG BARRON: Yeah, it was a good week. I love it over here. I played over here twice. It will be another top five. I don't think I'll get a win today but if I get in a playoff it would be a blessing. It would take a lot of luck.

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