CME Group Tour Championship

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Bianca Pagdanganan

Quick Quotes

Q. I know U.S. Women's Open might not have been the experience you wanted, but what did you learn from your second-ever major championship start?

BIANCA PAGDANGANAN: It was actually my first U.S. Women's Open, so I was really excited. But I think there was also like a lot of internal pressure to try and play well with it being my first.

Overall like i said it's a good experience, and you really need to put yourself out there to learn and just see how everything works. So I think I definitely learned a lot about my game just trying to analyze all the mistakes I did on the golf course, what I learned from that, and just move forward and hope to get better and stronger in the round.

Q. And you were in one of those features pairings, some other long hitters as well. What were those two days like being alongside Anne and Maria?

BIANCA PAGDANGANAN: It was fun. I was excited. Obviously like sometimes you feel like I need to rip the ball really hard, try to hit it as hard as you could.

At the same time, I don't know, when I was in college I played with a couple long hitters, too. You want to be able to hit it far, too, so I think I learned that you don't have to try to do anything.

The first round I played really well. They were both bombing it. They were smoking it past me. It's like, It's okay. You need to find the fairways. I think what's important today.

But it was good experience. It was pretty cool playing with the both of them.

Q. So now you have to readjust for this season-ending event. Being a rookie or tour, being able to play your way into this event, how special is that to know a look at your 2020 season got you into the Tour Championship?

BIANCA PAGDANGANAN: You know, like despite everything that's happened I think that this rookie season has been better than what I expected. I feel like I played more events than what I thought I would be able to get into.

So overall it's been a great year for me in terms of like golf and being able to play my way into the CME. Didn't start off that great this year, but played a couple good events and eventually put myself in a good position, and now I'm here and I'm really excited and looking forward to this whole week.

Q. Just this experience in general for you, was this a goal for you when you started your rookie season here?

BIANCA PAGDANGANAN: It was hard to tell. Obviously I wanted it to be my goal, but knowing my status and the priority list, it was hard to see that. Of course I didn't think I was going to get into a lot of events. I didn't want to put that much pressure on myself either.

It was hard to see this as a goal, but then like I said, I played a couple good events and started to feel more comfortable out there, get my game back on track.

So I think after the first few events I was like, You have a good chance. Just got to believe in your game, trust in yourself, and you'll get there.

Q. Now being able to be here in Naples, completely different than what you guys experienced in Dallas and also in Houston.


Q. What has it been like adapting to what we have this week here and what have you thought of the course so far?

BIANCA PAGDANGANAN: I love the weather. When we were in Texas I literally complained. Well, not really complained. I only talked to my caddie about it obviously. Oh, my gosh, it's so cold. Now it's like perfect.

It's funny because yesterday I was complaining again. I was like, Oh, my goodness, it's so hot. But like I said, everything is perfect. I love the course. I actually enjoyed playing it. I feel like some holes you got to know -- pick the right spots off the tee.

Overall I think it's a great course. It's in in really good condition, especially with the PGA having a tournament here last week. So that's pretty cool.

Yeah, going to be a fun week.

Q. Have you watched this tournament before like on TV or anything like that?

BIANCA PAGDANGANAN: Not really. I didn't really have like Golf Channel on my phone throughout college or I didn't really have time to watch TV. If anything, I kept track of scoring and all of that just to stay updated with everything that's going on.

Q. So this is a brand, brand new experience for you?

BIANCA PAGDANGANAN: Oh, yeah, definitely. Brand new; squeaky clean brand new.

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