CME Group Tour Championship

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Lexi Thompson

Quick Quotes

Q. No matter the month or the circumstances, this golf course seems to bring out your best. How would you describe the day with your brother, Curtis, on the bag?

LEXI THOMPSON: It was great just being out here. I love coming to Naples. It is definitely one of my favorite events.

It's a lot different now just not having my whole group of family that always come this week, but we're just happy to be playing this week and my brother and I had a lot of fun.

Q. You missed the cut last week in Houston. I know you experiments with a mallet putter. Where are you with the progression with that club in particular?

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, you know, I putted well today and hit it great as well, but I've just been working really hard and trying to find something that sticks.

But I don't think I can work any harder on my game in general, just trying to improve on things and get more consistent. Unfortunate week last week, but hopefully finish strong here.

Q. Chance for eight straight seasons with a victory on Sunday. What is top of mind going into these final three rounds?

LEXI THOMPSON: Honestly, I'm just working on my game, just trying to go into every shot relaxed and really visualizing my shot and commit to them and just play aggressive golf. Just trying to get back to that.

Q. When you're on like you were today, I don't know if anybody is more fun watching play golf, but what I noticed was how much you were smiling out there, and not just for making putts, but having Curtis with you. How nice is it to your brother out there walking these holes with you?

LEXI THOMPSON: It's great to have him on the bag. I always cherish every opportunity we get to spend together. But to have him out there, he's always joking and keeping me loose.

Obviously playing great helps. Always keeps a smile on the face. I just wanted to go into this week and just play relaxed golf. I've been stressing a lot just trying to get my game where I think it should be, but instead I just went out and just tried to have fun with my brother on the back.

Q. You have so much great history on this track. What did you think it is about this golf course this brings out of the best in your game and your confidence, too?

LEXI THOMPSON: Well, honestly it's a little different this year. I don't have my whole big family crowd here supporting me, so it's different in that aspect. Unfortunately I only have my parents and my brother, but it's great to have them to begin with.

But I just love this golf course. I get to hit a lot of drivers and 3-woods. I just love the setup of it. It's playing softer this year, but it's a challenging golf course. I think it's a ball-striker's golf course.

Q. You have also maybe my favorite member of your family out here walking around, Leo. Leo got to watch you make a lot of putts, 26 putts. Talked to your dad and he said this is by far the best he's seen you roll it all year. What di you think was the difference today.

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, definitely putted well today. Wasn't hard to beat the other rounds that I played.

But, no, it went well today. I felt very comfortable. Just tried to get over every shot, whether it was a putt or a shot, and just remind myself to be relaxed and just commit to my line or just my stroke.

Q. I'm not sure who was better, Curtis or Leo, but I say keep them both around. Well-played, Lexi.

LEXI THOMPSON: I think so. I think I'll keep them both around. Thank you.

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