CME Group Tour Championship

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Nanna Koerstz Madsen

Flash Interview

Q. What a great first round here at CME Group Tour Championship. How do you feel now that you've got round one under your belt?

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: I feel good. I was a little shaky on my driver going into the event, and putting as well actually. So now, yeah, it's always nice to start off with a good round.

Q. You started off with a birdie. Would you say that's when the momentum started to kick in, or it was one of your birdies 15 through 17?

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Yeah, probably more there.

Q. Okay.

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Because I was only 1-under after, I don't know, five holes.

Q. Five holes, yeah.

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Then I made three in a row. Yeah, that started the round a little bit.

Q. What was your favorite birdie of today and how long was the putt or chip?

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: I liked -- well, I like the one I made on the 2nd, but only because my putt was going to be three meter past the hole, so I liked that it dropped.

So, yeah, that was a good one.

Q. We're playing this course about a month later than when we did last year. How different is it or is it not that different at all?

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: I don't feel a big difference, no.

Q. What would you say is the course condition that you prefer, cold weather like Texas or warm weather like here?

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: I definitely prefer it warmer. I'm from Denmark but I like warm weather.

Q. When is the next time you're going to go home to Denmark?

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Sunday. Going to have Christmas at home.

Q. And how do your family members celebrate Christmas?

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Just normal. We celebrate the 24th. So, yeah, just have dinner. Everything is pretty much shut down again in Denmark, so we can't really gather that many people, it'll be nice and cozy.

Q. And your family and friends are probably sending you messages to come home quickly.


Q. Going back to just your golf game, what would you say is the strongest part of your game?

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Irons. I need to go work on my driver afterwards here. And I made some really good putts out there, today I liked. Yeah.

Q. And then lastly, what is your expectation for the next three days?

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Just try and continue. I don't have any expectations. I just want to go out and play and see if I can...

Q. Have fun?

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Yeah. See if I can do good mentally.

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