CME Group Tour Championship

Friday, December 18, 2020

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Katherine Kirk

Quick Quotes

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KATHERINE KIRK: ...probably easy for anyone. There is still a lot of unknowns, but the fact that we've got great partners and they want to stick with us and others want to jump on board is a testament to where women's golf is.

We've only got more potential to, yeah, just grow the game worldwide. I think it's exciting to be in women's golf. If you look at the numbers, even in junior golf, girls' golf, they're the best they've ever been, too.

I know that the future looks bright for the LPGA. Yeah, we're just thankful we got a good team of people driving the ship.

Q. What has impressed you most about how Whan has handled the crisis that is 2020?

KATHERINE KIRK: Yeah, he's always been pretty transparent. Hats off to him for wanting to remain that way. It hasn't been easy. I know these are uncharted waters for everyone.

The LPGA certainly were scrambling I know for months trying to figure out how to make this all work. Yeah, like I said, we're just grateful to be playing and have some great leadership at the LPGA.

Q. How do you feel about the head covers that you are representing on your bag of St. Jude Children?

KATHERINE KIRK: I think it's a really cool idea. Yeah, obviously CME has donated some serious amount of money to St. Jude's this year through eagles and hole in ones. It's, yeah, going to a great cause.

Yeah, the least we can do is a put a head cover on the bag and try and raise more awareness. They're a great organization, great hospital, and to think that we're maybe help change the life of a kid is -- yeah, it's heart warming and humbling at the same time.

Q. Two more questions. The holidays are coming up.


Q. What are you looking forward doing celebration-wise but also for your game?

KATHERINE KIRK: Celebration-wise being a Christian obviously it's a really important holiday. It's all about, yeah, I guess counting our blessings that we have in Christ and also spending time with family. This time of year for a lot of people who don't necessarily know what Christianity is about, it's a great I think opportunity for people to learn.

So it is a special time for me, for my family in that regard. We're going to be, yeah, going to church if we can. If not, we'll be definitely watching our home church on line.

And then, yeah, just spending time with the family. And then not a lot of golf over Christmas, but certainly the new year will start back up.

Q. Last question is: How do you feel about your game right now this week? You had a great round today.

KATHERINE KIRK: Uh-huh. Last week kind of beat me up, so I didn't expect much coming in this week, to be honest.

I knew I was hitting it okay, but perhaps not as well as other weeks during the last few months. I would say the confidence was okay but it certainly wasn't at its high.

But I'm thankful this week my putting is cooperating a little bit more than last week, so I'm happy about that.

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