CME Group Tour Championship

Friday, December 18, 2020

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Cydney Clanton

Flash Interview

Q. Cydney, what a great second round here in Naples, Florida. How do you feel now that you've got round two under your belt and only two more to go?

CYDNEY CLANTON: Really good. The golf course is in great shape and I'm able -- I've been very lucky I'm hitting it really well. I feel really good off the tee. It's what I struggled with the last two weeks is with off the tee. So feel really good off the tee, and so have hit my irons really well.

So feel really good.

Q. Do you think it's an all around really good golf, or one part your game, maybe putting or chipping, is really accelerating?

CYDNEY CLANTON: No. I really think it's my ball striking. I'm hitting it really well off the tee and I've hit 16 greens both days, which obviously allows for me to have a lot of opportunities. I've been able to capitalize on some of those opportunities this week, but if I keep giving myself opportunities and keep hitting fairways and greens, should be low numbers.

Q. You started off 1 and went straight into two birdies back to back, 3 and 4. Would you say that's when the momentum started kicking in today, or when did the ball really start rolling?

CYDNEY CLANTON: It was tough starting out. It colder this morning and there was some breeze. So to play those first couple holes were really good, especially with the confidence in ball striking, to be able to hit some really solid shots and the wind not affect it and being able to have opportunities.

Because I hit it really close on 4. I hit it like three feet on 4. So it was one of those things that it really just helped with the confidence of ball striking, knowing that the ball striking is there. Just wait and be patient.

Q. I notice your mom out there. Did she follow you the entire 18 holes?

CYDNEY CLANTON: Yep. Yeah, my parents finally got to come. They came to the first event and now they've come to the last event, so...

Q. And then how about the holidays coming up. Are you guys planning something big and festive?

CYDNEY CLANTON: No, not really. I think we're just going to stay with the immediate family. But my immediate family is really big, so I have three brothers and seven nephews and nieces. Christmas is always much more fun with them. The joy that they have around Christmastime is so much fun. So I look forward to Christmastime with them.

Q. One last question. We got the 2021 schedule today. I don't know if you've seen it or looking forward to seeing that schedule, but a couple thoughts about next year and all the events that we'll get to play.

CYDNEY CLANTON: Get ready. That's all. I mean, it's going to be a busy schedule. Just lock and load, get ready, and let's go.

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