CME Group Tour Championship

Friday, December 18, 2020

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Lexi Thompson

Flash Interview

THE MODERATOR: Lexi, nice 1-under par. Hung in there today. Take us through the round, maybe how the conditions changed throughout the day and how you just weathered that to stay right in the hunt.

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it was different conditions today of course with the cooler weather in the morning, and I would say overall it was a lot breezier throughout the day.

But it was nice out. Definitely can't beat it. It's not raining, so that's always nice.

Yeah, but it was a little bit of an up and down day. I thought I struck it really well on the front nine. I got a few bad breaks with a few ridges on the greens, but you can get that on this golf course.

But, yeah, wasn't as good as yesterday of course, but overall happy and going to take the positives into the next two days.

Q. I would imagine when you look all leaderboard, if you do, you got yourself right there one back, Sei Young, the defending champion one back with you, and then you guys will be chasing the world No 1 on the weekend. I would imagine that's as good as it gets in your position.

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, definitely. I try not to look at leaderboards, but of course I see one right now. But it's always good to know what position you are going into the weekend and everything.

I'm just really going to go out there, focus on one shot at a time, and focus on having a good time with my brother out there and committing to my shots. That is all I can do and all I can focus on is myself.

Q. When you play against those two tomorrow in the same grouping, is there a little extra excitement in the game knowing who you're competing against, the best?

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, ever time I tee it up I know I'm competing against the best. I haven't been paired with them together I don't think ever in my career.

It'll be nice. Looking forward to the weekend, and hopefully get some good weather and just go out and have a good time and have two more good rounds hopefully.

Q. You said Curtis could make a rock laugh.


Q. What's the best joke he pulled out today?

LEXI THOMPSON: He's just like nonstop. I made a few putts on the back and he's like, Oh, that was my read, for sure. You were going to miss it. I was like, Thanks. Whatever marks you sleep at night.

But he's just a riot. He talks to everybody and he just has that great personality that everybody knows him around the world.

Q. What did it mean to get those putts to fall on the back nine to get things going, especially when you said you struck the ball really well and weren't getting rewarded for it with birdies?

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it was good. I left a few putts on the front nine, missed few short ones, but having those two drop on the back nine I think was big for my round.

I was striking it well. I just needed those putts to fall on the front nine to get my round going. Unfortunately they didn't.

I stayed strong throughout the whole day and got those few to fall at the end to get me to go under par.

Q. Bunker shot on 17.

LEXI THOMPSON: Oh, my gosh.

Q. Played that over and over.

LEXI THOMPSON: I can't wait to watch that on TV. I can't wait to watch me fall on my knees.

Yeah, you know, I was just trying to -- my brother, he was like, Well, the main focus is to not hit the lip on your downswing. I was like, Yeah. He was like, Just open up. Okay. Well then I'm going to hit my leg on my downswing.

So it was one of those shots where you hit and hope. I got in there I was like, Okay, there is this miracle shot, and it just happened to happen. So I was very happy about it.

Q. Happier if that putt would've fallen.

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, of course. But I hit a good putt. I thought I made it. We went with the read and it was weird that it just didn't break as much as we thought.

Overall I was not complaining walking off with a par with the position I was in.

Q. Last one for you. With the holidays and the Lexi line, anything people can be keeping an eye out for?

LEXI THOMPSON: Hopefully Lexi Skin will be launched, we're hoping to have a soft launch in the beginning of the year. I'm really excited about that. Skin has been a big passion of mine, so really looking forward to getting that out there and people seeing the new product lines.

We shall see. Beginning of the year should be launched.

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