CME Group Tour Championship

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Minjee Lee

Quick Quotes

Q. Judy Rankin said a couple weeks ago that you were struggling with your putter. Those struggles seem to be behind you today. What did you find with that club?

MINJEE LEE: I just had a little bit of momentum. I made two birdies finishing the front nine, so just wanted to make a couple more just to get a little closer to the lead.

Yeah, I just holed a couple nice ones that turned into five, so that was nice.

Q. Speaking of momentum, it's been hard to find in the season of COVID. You do have five Top 10s. How would you assess your season today?

MINJEE LEE: Probably a little up and down. I started really strong at the British and couple events there, and then sort of went a little cold in the middle of our season.

And then just like to have a nice finish here.

Q. Going to be in the role of chaser tomorrow. What is the game plan?

MINJEE LEE: I think the greens are pretty receptive right now, so I can be a little bit more aggressive with my iron play.

So, yeah, I think just try and be as aggressive as I can and try and hole as many as I can, too.

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