CME Group Tour Championship

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Charley Hull

Flash Interview

THE MODERATOR: Charley, what a great third round here. Minus 6 seems to be the lowest that players go today. That's an awesome score. What did you think about the course made it so easy to get to where you were?

CHARLEY HULL: I hit it pretty well. I putted a lot better than I did last few days. Still left some small putts out there. Been struggling with my putting.

But I feel maybe it's a bit warmer today than yesterday, so you're going to get a few more people going low.

Q. How about the course conditions?

CHARLEY HULL: It's annoying because I keep getting loads of mud balls, so it's quite muddy out there. Not as bad as the U.S. Open, but it's good. A lot softer than previous years.

Q. Start off 1 and birdied No. 2. When do you think the momentum started kicking in for you?

CHARLEY HULL: The 1st I got a good drive away. Don't really like that tee shot and I had like 220 to the front of the green, but couldn't go for it because I had a mudball.

Then I made a good up and down to save par and then 2 was where I got my momentum going. I holed a nice putt for birdie and then kind of from then.

But I felt like I got to going from the 9th onwards.

Q. A lot of people have been saying that Lexi Thompson does well at this course. Now Sei Young Kim seems to be doing really well. You do really well at this course. What is it about this course that you like so much?

CHARLEY HULL: I don't know really. I just like it. I've always played quite well around it and I just like it.

It's a good fun event to end the year with.

Q. And then my last question for you, what is your expectation or goal going into tomorrow?

CHARLEY HULL: Do the same as today: post a low one.

Q. I think it was 14 you hit a second shot and said, you know -- I don't know, tweaked your wrist or felt something in your wrist.


Q. What happened there?

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, I think it was because the grass is quite wet there and just hit into it and hurt my wrist a little bit. It was only like 25, 30 feet way from the pin and I three-putted it.

Just came out weird and it was quite wet.

Q. But didn't bother you after that?

CHARLEY HULL: Not after that, no.

Q. How much confidence do you have particularly the way you shot last year in the final round that you can makeup some ground tomorrow?

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. I've been playing well the last few events of the event, so I'm just looking forward to it.

Then a bonus going home for Christmas and I can't wait.

Q. What kind of number do you think it'll take tomorrow? Sei Young is at 14 right now.

CHARLEY HULL: I haven't got a close. As low as you can go. She'll probably shoot 6-under, so in that case you have to shoot 11-under. I don't know. As many birdies as I can. I'm not going to think about that. Just one shot at a time.

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