CME Group Tour Championship

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Austin Ernst

Quick Quotes

Q. Austin, what a great third round here. You're still in contention. How do you feel now that you've got one day left?

AUSTIN ERNST: I'm going to have to have a low one tomorrow. Sei Young kind of took off a little bit, so I was just trying to catch her. Didn't quite hit it as well the last few holes kind of coming in to give myself good birdie looks.

It's nice to be close. Hopefully she stays at 14 and doesn't get any farther ahead. But five back, I mean, if you go shoot a low one tomorrow you have a chance, which is nice.

Q. You mentioned you are someone who likes to look at leaderboards. How many times do you think you looked at the leaderboard today?

AUSTIN ERNST: Every time I saw one.

Q. And the front nine seems like you had a lot of fun, a lot of birdies.


Q. What happened on the back nine? Do you think it was just a harder back nine?

AUSTIN ERNST: I had a few numbers that quite weren't as good. I had a lot of good, full numbers on the front, and then I think kind of coming in I didn't have quite as many and didn't quite catch the ball as solid.

But hopefully tomorrow I have a lot of good numbers and can attack some pins. I think it was just where I couldn't really attack a few of the holes with where I was kind of coming from.

Q. I was just curious, but I've been watching a lot players before they tee off. You all have different routines, what is your routine, or does it change day to day or tournament to tournament?

AUSTIN ERNST: It kind of depends where the chipping green is on what I'll do fully. I'll start out I'll putt and I either go chip and then hit balls, or I hit balls and then chip and roll a few more putts before I go.

Q. Your brother is still on your bag.


Q. How is that teamwork? Is it still going strong? Do you think he's going to stick around for 2021?

AUSTIN ERNST: I hope so. Yeah, we work well together. I think having him, since he played, I can talk through shots with him a lot. He's good at kind of asking me what shot I see, what shot shape, especially when you have crosswinds.

That's important with figuring out how far the ball is going to go. He's a good green reader, so always nice to have him out there.

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