CME Group Tour Championship

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Hannah Green

Flash Interview

THE MODERATOR: Hannah, start with you. Nice bogey-free, 5-under par final round to end the 2020 season. How did that feel?

HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, really nice. It's funny, I actually felt like I left a lot out there, too. Had a couple putts that could have dropped. Then again, I holed some really good putts, too.

Yeah, super stoked to have a great round on my birthday.

Q. Yeah, extra special.


Q. I'm sure you got a couple people congratulating you out there.

HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, I had a lot of people saying happy birthday, especially Golf Channel. I don't even know a lot of those people that work for that company, but to have players and staff recognize it was really nice.

Q. Well you wrote this question for me, but your entire group between and you Mina and Lydia Ko finished bogey-free.


Q. Three rounds between all of you, no bogeys.


Q. How amazing was that?

HANNAH GREEN: We actually didn't realize until we were saying the scores afterward. I knew I was -- well, I actually didn't know that I was bogey-free, but then I didn't realize Lydia and Mina were, so, yeah, it was just crazy.

It's pretty easy to get in some trouble here, and towards the end we were letting some shots almost go past. So, yeah, just great for all of us to finish so strong on Sunday.

Q. Could you sense a little bit something special in the group out there?

HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, I think we all definitely fed off each other. Lydia holed a couple long putts early in the round and Mina did the same, and then I finally holed some putts, too.

We were all hitting it really good off the tee and giving ourselves a lot of opportunities. Yeah, really makes a difference when you're playing with people that are playing well.

Q. About five weeks until the next event.


Q. A shortened off-season, but then kind of another longer break after that. What are your off-season plans until the Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions?

HANNAH GREEN: Unfortunately I'm not playing the Tournament of Champions. I've decided to stay in Australia because I haven't been there since August. I felt like pretty much two weeks wasn't going to be enough time at home.

So I will be returning for Kia Classic in March. I'm super excited to get back. I'm leaving on Tuesday, arriving to Australia on Thursday, so I'll be there for just under three months.

Q. Nice. That'll be fun.


Q. I'm sure you missed family, being back home.

HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, especially being my birthday and the holiday season. It's going to be different having to do FaceTime for Christmas and everything, but I'm definitely counting down when you want to go home.

Q. What is shaping up to be probably your highest finish this season, how you feeling, thoughts, takeaways from 2020 and going into 2021?

HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, felt like I did some good work through quarantine with my coach. Gained some distance, so that really was nice to actually come out and see it in a tournament.

I wish there was an event next week because I finally do feel like everything is coming together, but then again, I do wanting to back to Australia.

Yeah, best finish all year. First time broken the top 10. Super excited. It's nice to finish on a high and be able to go home and eventually celebrate.

Q. What are you going to be taking into 2021? What have you learned about yourself this season?

HANNAH GREEN: I've been more consistent this year. I think I missed just one cut, so slowly getting more consistent with my game. Short game has certainly improved. It's nice to see things are slowly improving. Improve is better than none.

Yeah, super excited for next year. Going to be a really packed schedule, but looking forward to it.

Q. Happy birthday.

HANNAH GREEN: Thank you.

Q. Last one I have for you. In the crazy year it has been and the up and downs as a tour we've seen between the schedule and the lengthened breaks and travel restrictions, is there anything you learned about maybe your schedule and how it sets up that you might implement starting in 2021?

HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, next year is going to be difficult starting in March. I mean, the season goes all the way to November and I really quite struggle towards the end here with being away from home for four and a half months.

I think I'm going to have to sacrifice some big events next year and try and go home for a four, five week period. I don't see Australia not doing a two-week hotel quarantine, so I have to allow for that and give myself at least three weeks out of the hotel to get ready.

It's going to be unfortunate, but if I do it well I can peak for the right events and hopefully can get more wins and runner-ups.

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