CME Group Tour Championship

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Mina Harigae

Flash Interview

Q. Mina, what a great turnout here at CME in Naples, Florida. Do you mind just talking us through the last three days? You were bogey-free. What was just working really well for you?

MINA HARIGAE: For the most part I was hitting the ball really solid. I think maybe the last two days I hit a lot of greens so I only had to try to get up and down a few times.

But, yeah, when I missed the green my short game saved me and I made a couple good par putts and couple good chips. Yeah, just everything felt good.

Q. That's all hard work. How long has the process been for you to get to where you are today?

MINA HARIGAE: It feels like a long time. Honestly I think the process started probably like a year and a half ago. Even like January, February I was still working on a lot of things.

So the break actually helped my game a lot. Once we started, I was like a whole new person.

Q. Speaking of hole, you almost made a hole-in-one today. What was that feeling like and have you ever made a hole-in-one?

MINA HARIGAE: I have 18 hole-in-ones actually, but I have only one in competition.

Q. When it hit the pin and didn't go in...

MINA HARIGAE: I didn't know it hit the pin. To me it looked like to just veered off. We saw the volunteer in the back kind of jump so my caddie thought, Oh, I think it hit the pin because they jumped. I had no idea.

Would've been nice.

Q. It was so cool to watch. And then how about CME week, we're partnered with St. Jude and this entire week is about St. Jude and the patients. How is it to be a part of an organization that has one of the biggest events of the year to be about St. Jude?

MINA HARIGAE: I think that's just goes to show how wonderful CME Group is, how charitable they are. They just have such good hearts. So, yeah, I think it's just a wonderful thing.

Q. Last question: You're ending on such a high note and we have two more weeks off, or more actually. We have more weeks off for break. What do you plan to do for your golf game?

MINA HARIGAE: I just plan on just trying to, improve honestly. Just take a few days off.

But the nice thing about this off-season is I don't have to go through any big changes. It's just identifying what needs to be better, and there is just little things here and there.

We're going to go into PXG and they're going to help me dial in a couple more things.

Q. Looking forward to Christmas.

MINA HARIGAE: Exactly. So Christmas -- I guess it's already close to Christmas, so Christmas may come early.

Q. That's awesome.

MINA HARIGAE: Yeah, I'm excited.

Q. What's it mean to finish like you did and especially with major champion and Lydia has been Player of the Year? You were right up there.

MINA HARIGAE: I'm so happy that my game has come to this spot because it's been a long time. So honestly, the more often that I'm getting into contention the more comfortable I am.

So it's really fun being able to play good golf under these circumstances.

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