CME Group Tour Championship

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Austin Ernst

Quick Quotes

Q. Austin, thank you so much for talking to us again for three days in a row. How do you feel now that you've got the fourth round under your belt, and where do you feel your game is right now?

AUSTIN ERNST: It was a solid week. Couldn't quite make as many putts as I needed to today and then just couldn't ever get my momentum going. I knew I would need a low one today, especially with what Jin Young is doing now.

To kind of give them something to look at I knew I needed to make a lot birdies early in the round and just never really got as many good looks as I have the last couple days.

Just never rolled in some kind of mid-range putts to get the round going.

Q. And you mentioned earlier in the week that the wind would dictate you thought a lot of the scores.


Q. Do you think that changed throughout the week?

AUSTIN ERNST: The only day it was different was today.

Q. Okay.

AUSTIN ERNST: So I think -- well, might have been Northwest the first day and switched to Northeast the last two days and Southeast today.

So hole like 17 we could easily get there early in the week; I couldn't get there. Lexi could.

So that kind of dictated how aggressive you could be on certain holes. But then you had some of the par-4s played shorter than they had the first -- kind of 2 through 4 played a lot shorter so you could kind of be aggressive on those.

I kind of didn't take advantage of the holes where I had the shorter clubs early in the round to kind of get the good looks for birdie.

Q. And you've had a great year. Do you feel confident right now? Anything to work on you think in the next couple weeks that we're off?

AUSTIN ERNST: Yeah, feel really confident. I think I can always just tighten up the putting and my wedges.

I think I'll just keep building on what I've done this year really well and just try to get a little bit better so I can get a few more wins, be in contention more like I was this week and kind of at Pelican at the end of the year.

But just trying to get a little bit better so that hopefully I can be the winner next time.

Q. And then last question. It's a fun one. What do you plan to do to relax during the next couple weeks?

AUSTIN ERNST: I think I'm just going to have time with family for the holidays and then...

Q. Anything you been wanting to do?

AUSTIN ERNST: I know I'm going on vacation after the Tournament of Champions. After that, you know, just hang out at the beach. And I'll be in Florida for the winter, so just hang out and hopefully get to get away from the game for a little bit.

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