CME Group Tour Championship

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Sei Young Kim

Flash Interview

Q. 2020 Player of the Year, Sei Young Kim. How does that feel to hear those words?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Oh, it feel great. I'm very proud of it. Yeah, it's great because me and Paul, we working hard and we been great this year.

So, yeah, I'm very thankful to all who is around me, like parents and then my coach and my trainer, Mr. Moon, and yeah, my family. Yeah, I'm very thanks to all of them.

Q. You had said yesterday that you really try to stay in the moment and not think about the other things. Today when it was obvious that Jin Young was running away with it, did you think about Player of the Year?

SEI YOUNG KIM: No, not really. I just try win this week. Just only that's what I want. Because if I win this tournament everything is follow, all the, yeah, title.

So I just focus on the win this tournament. But, yeah, I try to touch her but I couldn't. Yeah, so I was like little disappointed.

But I'm very -- yeah, we did a great job. Me and Jin Young did a great job.

Q. And when you win a tournament, you're excited in the moment.


Q. Fans and everything. This is a long-term thing. How does it feel different?

SEI YOUNG KIM: It's feel like little different because if you play with spectators feel more like exciting, feel like very positive, more positive.

Without the fans it's just like just normal, yeah, just play golf. Yeah. Yeah.

I was like to yeah, no more coronavirus next year, so hopefully back to normal everything.

Q. And do you know if you're coming to the Tournament of Champions yet, Diamond Resorts?

SEI YOUNG KIM: I didn't check the schedule yet, so after back to Dallas where my home and then I figure out and I decided.


Q. Can you talk about Jin Young's play down the stretch? She birdied five of the last seven holes. What impressed you the most?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, she did great job today because I was able to the -- yeah, I tried to chase her, but, yeah, I couldn't.

Yeah, I mean, I'm little disappointed I couldn't play well today, but I finish just normal. But very happy to the -- I got the Player of the Year. It's really awesome. And then, yeah, I'm very proud of her win this tournament. Yeah.

Q. Was there a point this year where you thought you might not come back at all to the LPGA?

SEI YOUNG KIM: What does that mean?

Q. You might not play on the LPGA in 2020 after COVID? Did you think that you might not at some point?

SEI YOUNG KIM: What is that?

Q. Did you think about not coming back to America in 2020 to play the LPGA Tour?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Oh, no. No, I wasn't. Depend -- no, I try to back to, yeah. Always think about it, yeah.

Q. What did you learn from 2020 about yourself?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Learn a lot, because I know how to control my pressure, but I feel like I knew, but after finish today I don't know about it.

Yeah, and I am still, yeah, need to learn some thing. Yeah. I think, yeah. But I did a great job this year, so, and then, yeah, I think everything really -- I don't know. I don't know.

Yeah, it's tough.

Q. Will this result today make you even hungrier to win next year?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, sure, because I miss the win this week, so which is mean that I'm still hungry for the win.

So, yeah, I keep hard work and then, yeah, keep it up for next year.

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