CME Group Tour Championship

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Jennifer Kupcho

Quick Quotes

Q. Jennifer Kupcho, solid bogey-free 7-under 65. Obviously had seven birdies. What was working so well for you at Tiburon today?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Honestly, I feel like the course was just set up pretty easy. I mean, preparing for rain moved a lot of tees up, as well as put the pins right in the middle of the green I feel like, so it was pretty attackable.

I wasn't hitting it really well, but made a lot of putts.

Q. You had a long week at Pelican. Probably not the way you wanted to finish out on Sunday. How did you reset coming into this week at CME?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: I mean, that's golf. You can put together three great rounds and see it all go away, so that's pretty much what happened.

All of the bad shots that didn't get -- or that didn't happen on the first three days all happened together on the last day, so it's just what it is. I just came out and tried to figure it out.

Q. Is Tiburon a course you feel like you can play more aggressive when it's set up like this, or do you feel like you usually have to protect here?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, you can play a little bit more aggressive. The greens aren't so crazy. Still definitely crazy and fast, but not as severe as Pelican.

So you can attack a little bit more, and even if you miss by a long shot on the greens, the two-putts aren't as severe.

Q. What did you learn about yourself on Sunday, this past Sunday?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Honestly, that I can have fun shooting a lot over par. Normally when I'm that over par, I'm sure you guys see it, I'm very frustrated and very angry.

So, yeah, that round I probably had the most fun I've ever had shooting over par, and playing with Lexi and is Nelly, it was a lot of fun.

Q. Do you think that's the key for to you unlock and turn the top 2s, Top 3s into wins?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, probably, just to not get so frustrated. I mean, I still have to get a little frustrated because I am kind of that way where it lights a fire and I start playing well.

But being able to minimize it.

Q. How long did it take you to get over Sunday?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: I mean, I went and hit balls on the range afterwards and I was over it, so I was like, Well, that was fun.

Q. Yeah. What did you work on on the range?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Honestly, nothing. Just trying to make good contact. I chunked a lot, hit a lot way right, so went to the range and didn't think of anything else.

I just started hitting them straight as I had been the first three days.

Q. 5-under on the back nine today. What was the biggest difference from the front to the back?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: I started hitting it a lot closer to the hole. I wasn't hitting it super great on the front. Not terrible, but was hitting it a lot closer.

Q. You've had a couple challenging final rounds, final groups this year. What was the biggest difference in how you rebounded from Scotland to AIG to Pelican to today?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: I don't know. That's a whole different type of golf over there that I'm not super familiar and good at, so I can't really compare those two.

Q. One more. About Q-Series coming up, I know you're not playing in that, but you obviously played in it couple years ago. What advice do you have for the seven college players teeing it up in a few weeks?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: I mean, it's stressful. It's the most stressful couple of weeks of your life. I hope I never have to do it again.

But, I mean, it's worth it, and to go through those two weeks of stressful golf and to then be able to come out and play for your dream, I mean, it's something that's super worth it.

Q. What about your decision to stick it out with your team? It kind of put you behind the eight ball.


Q. What was the decision making process behind that?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Honestly, I think it's just personal preference. I had such a rough team my first three years of college and I finally had a good team, so honestly that was the big thing. I wanted to be able to play team golf for one more semester and give to a shot at the national championship.

Q. How did your Solheim Cup experience impact you?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, it was really amazing. I think the biggest thing is know that I can play under pressure and under nerves.

That's the most nervous I've ever been. To know that I can do that, it's kind of nothing coming out to a regular event.

Q. Jennifer Kupcho, bogey-free round today. Much different conditions than we saw the last few days. How would you describe the condition out there today.

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, it was playing a lot softer than the practice days, as well as it's going to start raining and (indiscernible).

Q. Coming off a really solid week last week. Played your way into those final groups. What do you feel like you learned from those experiences as you continue to put yourself in contention and try and get at that first win?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Honestly I think that week, the first three days was the best I've hit the ball ever in my life before the Solheim Cup, and to know that I can do it when it's not under so much pressure in a regular event is exciting.

Q. What was it about your game that was so great last week?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: I think it was just my -- on my irons I would say (indiscernible.)

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