CME Group Tour Championship

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Celine Boutier

Flash Interview

Q. 7-under 65; seven birdies on the card; 28 putts, and you hit 17 of 18 greens. What was working so well for you around Tiburon today?

CELINE BOUTIER: I think everything was kind of going well, and I feel like even when I made a couple of mistakes off the tee I was able to scramble and make par. Even had a chip in.

So I feel like I just really scored pretty well.

Then the course is a little bit softer this year and I think with the rain they moved a couple tees up. So you just have to take advantage of that; make as many birdies as you could.

Q. How fun are those kind of rounds? Coming from Pelican Golf Club that was a little bit challenging last week and coming here and you can just go low and have a good time.

CELINE BOUTIER: It's definitely nice for confidence. I feel like last week I didn't finish very well, so it was really good to finish on a good week this week; end the season well.

Q. How did you reset from last week to this week?

CELINE BOUTIER: I just think in golf you just have to reset every week, whether it's a good week or a bad week. Every week is different.

So I've kind of been doing that every since I've been playing on tour. You know, this week is no different. You just have to start over and see what happens.

Q. The winner on Sunday gets $1.5 million. Have thought about what you would buy with that kind of money?

CELINE BOUTIER: Not really, to be honest. I mean, obviously it's nice and it's a huge difference for us on the women's tour to be able to play for that kind of money, but I just feel like also it's kind of long way to get there.

I'm just trying to focus on just one round at a time, just get myself in position, and if I go out to play for the 1.5, even better.

I just feel like I don't want to think too far ahead of myself right now.

Q. Do you have anything that you kind of enjoy doing like away from golf or any hobbies?

CELINE BOUTIER: Nothing specifically that I would actually be able to like share. But I feel like just hanging out with my friends and not really doing much. I actually also like love the game of golf in general, not just like competing, so I actually would just play with my friends sometimes and just not doing too much.

Q. Do you like read up on golf course architecture or anything?


Q. Okay. So just...

CELINE BOUTIER: I've obviously played some Donald Ross courses. Like I know when they mention some architects that have done a bunch of courses and stuff like that, but I haven't really looked into it that much.

Q. What's your favorites golf course that doesn't host an LPGA event that you have played?

CELINE BOUTIER: I think Riviera in California is probably my favorite.

Q. Okay. Good one. Thanks. How does the Solheim Cup experience impact you and how much do you draw from that?

CELINE BOUTIER: I mean, Solheim Cup has been my favorite memories in my professional career so far. It's obviously great to be able to share that with teammates.

Everything about it is just special. It's match play, a team event, and I just really love it. Also I feel like it gives you also confidence if you have had a good week, you know. You know that you can play under pressure and you can handle those situations.

So it's always nice to know that. But, yeah, it's been a few months now, so I feel like I haven't really thought about it so much lately.

But it's always great to play in it.

Q. How much are you drawing off the success you've had this season? You won in your home country, you won on the LPGA. What do you those wins mean to you and your season?

CELINE BOUTIER: Yeah, it's been a great season so far. I feel like I've achieved a lot of goals that I set for myself this year, but I'm also trying not to just think about it too much because then I will relax too much and not work very hard.

So, yeah I'm just trying to finish the season strong so I can relax for the off-season and get ready again for next year.

Q. Winning is never easy. Does the mindset become easier once you become a multiple winner?

CELINE BOUTIER: I think a little bit, just because you know that you've done it before and you can do it.

I think it gives you more confidence when you're playing for the win and in those important moments at the end.

But I just feel like my personality in general is not super confident, so I feel like I always have some doubt in my mind that I have to prove myself again and again.

I feel like definitely those wins will help me if I'm in that position again.

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