CME Group Tour Championship

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Jeongeun Lee6

Flash Interview

Q. Jeongeun Lee6, have yourself a day; 8-under 64. Really solid playing. Eight birdies on the card, no bogeys, 18 of 18 greens, 14 of 14 fairways. Almost a perfect round of golf. Take us through your day.

JEONGEUN LEE6: Yeah, I had a good time today. My goal was free bogeys, so, yeah, I achieve it.

And then my feeling, my feel is getting better, so my goal is to win once this year, but unfortunate just one tournament left. Yeah, I'm going to try my best.

Q. It's really early, but you set yourself up in prime position. What have you found in your game the past few weeks that's been really clicking for you?

JEONGEUN LEE6: I'm fixing my swing this year, so all year this year my swing was not perfect, so I'm fixing backswing and downswing.

So these days my backswing very comfortable, so I can shot very accurate, aggressive.

Q. Were you playing really aggressive out there on Tiburon today? I know the conditions are softer. The golf course is playing a little bit easier than it normally is.

JEONGEUN LEE6: Yeah, it was raining so greens soft and we could clean the ball in the fairway, so, yeah.

Q. What are you working on specifically?

JEONGEUN LEE6: I'm working on just downswing. These day my backswing got better, so much better, so I focus on just downswing. Yeah, just inside and out.

Q. Oh, so just the transition?

JEONGEUN LEE6: Yes, yes.

Q. Perfect. How would you sum up this season?


Q. Describe. What would you say about your season?

JEONGEUN LEE6: This season?

Q. Yeah.

JEONGEUN LEE6: It was not bad but not best. So I wanted to win this year, just once, but, yeah, I have just one tournament.

Yeah. I'm going to try my best.

Q. Do you like playing in rain?

JEONGEUN LEE6: Yeah. I like with rain, but I don't like with wind. Yeah.

Q. Now, the winner on Sunday of this tournament wins $1.5 million.


Q. What would you buy with that kind of money?

JEONGEUN LEE6: I'm planning to buy my house these days. Yeah, so if I win I can buy my house easier. (Laughter.)

Q. Probably a bigger house, too, right?


Q. You mentioned you were working on making your backswing higher when we were back in Texas.


Q. How long did it take for you to get comfortable with that adjustment?

JEONGEUN LEE6: I was working on just after take, back the transition, so I tried to just this position and then top is good, yeah.

Q. Why did you decide this year to change your swing?

JEONGEUN LEE6: Last year because of COVID we couldn't play a lot of tournament, so my swing changed a lot badly.

So, yeah, I have to fix my swing, yeah, better. Yeah.

Q. In 2019 when we had the last Rolex Awards dinner you gave your first speech in English.


Q. Does that make this tournament have any more special meaning to you that you gave that speech here two years ago?

JEONGEUN LEE6: Oh, yeah. I can't forget that moment. A lot of people likes my speech, so, yeah.

Q. Just one more from me. You fired an 8-under in the first round. How do you keep your expectations in check, under control, heading into the rest of the week?

JEONGEUN LEE6: My feeling is very good these days, so just downswing, I'm going to focus just downswing and then keep on the green.

So I'm going to focus on one shot at a time every hole, yeah.

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