CME Group Tour Championship

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Yuka Saso

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Q. Yuka Saso, 6-under 66. Really solid round for you today.

YUKA SASO: Thank you.

Q. Quite a few birdies, eagle on 17; take us through some of your highlights.

YUKA SASO: So the first nine was pretty consistent. The back nine, I don't know if everyone saw this, but I hit a terrible tee shot and made a double. Three birdies in a row after that, and eagle-birdie finish, saved by putter, so it's been -- it was a great day.

Q. Where was your mind at? You made a double; hit a par; then rattled off those three birdies. Were you angry or did you just kind of really lock in and get refocused?

YUKA SASO: You know, I can't do anything with double, so just have to forget it and move on. That's it.

Q. You seem pretty good at that. Again, you went kind of nuts in the last few holes today. When you're in those kind of situations do you get more aggressive after you had a bad hole or stick to your game plan, reset, and move on?

YUKA SASO: I'll probably stick to the plan and be patient. I think that's the key.

Q. How would you sum up this season? I know it's your rookie year, but...

YUKA SASO: I started after U.S. Open, so probably be half a year, six months.

But, you know, I'm just thankful that I'm here. And to be able to play in LPGA, I'm learning every day, so it's been a great year. I'm really thankful.

Q. Have you thought at all about what you hope to accomplish next season, in your first full season on the LPGA?

YUKA SASO: I haven't really think about it. I think I'm more worried about my scheduling and stuff, because I'm not really used to it yet. I'll probably focus on that next year.

Q. I saw a story online about your Instagram had recently gotten hacked. How stressful was that and is it back now?

YUKA SASO: I wasn't really stressed, but it was not good. I don't know if you see the picture. I was like...

But then soon as I got that it felt really good; hopefully you all follow me back.

Q. The winner on Sunday wins $1.5 million. Have you thought about what you would buy with that kind of money?

YUKA SASO: I haven't got them, so I don't -- I haven't really think about it. But if I ever get them, I'll probably save it.

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