CME Group Tour Championship

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Sei Young Kim

Flash Interview

Q. Sei Young, 7-under 65 today. You had nine birdies on the card. Birdied half the golf course. Take us through some of your highlights.

SEI YOUNG KIM: Pretty solid day because my shot pretty solid, so I had a lot of chance for birdie today.

And I expected a lot of rain today but it wasn't. We got the rain starting hole 16.

But course a little wet, so we play attack to the pin when available.

And so, yeah. And then it's pretty solid round today.

Q. You're coming off a good week at the Pelican Women's Championship. What lessons did you take from your good play there into here to play such a good round today?

SEI YOUNG KIM: You mean last week?

Q. Yeah.

SEI YOUNG KIM: I learn from couple mistake last week because I had a couple miss shots. So I recognize how to fix it and I -- it was good test last week, Pelican Golf Course.

So, yeah, this week I starting practice on Monday what I need to fix, so I practice, focus on it. So, yeah, little more improve myself.

Q. Coming into this event last year you were in a little bit of a different place than this year. What are the differences?

SEI YOUNG KIM: I mean, greens are a little faster I think. Then course are really good shape. But today's tee -- most the tee are a little upper than last year, so feel like a little shorter.

So I think they will change it. Depend the weather. Yeah, uh-huh.

Q. Having good memories here, do you always just like to come back to Tiburon and go low?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Well, I like this course because, yeah, this is my favorite course. So, yeah, I have a good memory, especially last -- 2019, hole 18. I made a long putt and that putt make me a good -- a huge win.

So, yeah. I have a good memory here and it's kind of positive myself, yeah, positive things.

Q. When you're going low and making a lot of birdies, how do you continue to keep pressing for more birdies?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Well, just keep doing it. Yeah, I don't think about like future. Yeah, just stay moment.

Yeah, just keep doing it and keep pushing myself. Yeah, uh-huh.

Q. Heading into the rest of the week starting off in such a hot way, what positives will you take with you to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Just keep doing what I did. Yeah, just keep -- yeah, just do my best rest of the rounds.

So, yeah, I hopefully good. (Laughter.)

Q. What have you found in your game that's really allowed you to throw it into the extra gear?

SEI YOUNG KIM: I mean, I work -- I'm more focus on the workout because I feel like my distance little shorter than last year.

So I did a lot of workout after the BMW and then back to Dallas. For two weeks really hard workout. Yeah, that's -- yeah, just condition back to normal condition, yeah.

Q. Are you working on getting stronger?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, stronger. Like really a lot of weight, yeah, and then cardio. Everything. I did everything, uh-huh.

Q. What is your least favorite workout to do in the gym?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Gym? I don't really like go to the gym, but I have to, so, yeah. Maybe squat. Yeah.

Q. Now, the winner on Sunday gets $1.5 million. What would you buy with $1.5 million?

SEI YOUNG KIM: They change to 2 million.

Q. For next year.

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah. Well, I don't know. I never think about it. Yeah, if I get this, yeah, I can tell you after I get that.

Q. What's the most expensive thing you've bought besides a house or a car?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, house, probably house. Yeah, I bought the house couple years ago.

Yeah, that's most expensive what I buy.

Q. Any jewelry or anything like that?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Maybe. I don't know.

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