CME Group Tour Championship

Friday, November 19, 2021

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Eun-Hee Ji

Quick Quotes

Q. Eun-Hee, so you had a great bogey-free day. How did you do it?

EUN-HEE JI: I felt really great with my putter today so I made a lot of putts, so makes me more confidence with the rest of the hole.

So that's why I play well, I think.

Q. You remember what your longest putt was out there?

EUN-HEE JI: Maybe like 50-footer, 60-footer. Yeah.

Q. What hole?

EUN-HEE JI: I can't remember. It was long, yeah.

Q. Was it for eagle or birdie?

EUN-HEE JI: For birdie. Birdie, yeah.

Q. That's pretty awesome. After you did that, did you feel some momentum for the rest of the day?

EUN-HEE JI: Yeah, actually, I get more confidence with my putter, but I don't feel great on my swing. But, you know, I just keep focusing on every hole and just try to hit it straight as I can.

Yeah, just do it. (Laughter.)

Q. And you know that your putter will bail you out?

EUN-HEE JI: Yeah. Made me a little bit more relax.

Q. How did the wind factor into today?

EUN-HEE JI: Oh, this golf course actually a little bit longer for me without wind, but today make the wind probably two, three clubs different than yesterday. So I got a lot of longer clubs.

I have to make the par some more holes, you know. I just make the, you know, more calm out there, yeah.

Q. Last one I have for you. 9-under par overall. How well positioned do you feel heading into the weekend?

EUN-HEE JI: I mean, actually great position right now. I feel if I keep doing like today or yesterday, will be happy.

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