CME Group Tour Championship

Friday, November 19, 2021

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Lexi Thompson

Quick Quotes

Q. Lexi Thompson, fired a 3-under 69 today in the second round of CME Group Tour Championship. We see you at the top of the leaderboard every year here. What is it you like so much about Tiburon?

LEXI THOMPSON: I think it's just overall the atmosphere of this event, let alone I do love the golf course. It's always in great shape for us.

What Terry Duffy does with all the other sponsors and the hospitality we receive here, there is nothing like it. It definitely helps I only have to drive two hours to come over here.

Just a great atmosphere and the tournament is run so well for us.

Q. Another day of hitting 12 of 14 fairways, hit 16 of 18 greens, hit 17 of 18 greens yesterday. How key is your ball striking for your game recently?

LEXI THOMPSON: It's been very helpful, but I been working on my game extremely hard, whether it's ball striking putting, just everything. I've been putting in the hours.

It's nice to see it pay off. I'm just trying to stay in the moment, focus on doing my pre-shot routine and committing to my shots out there, and it's definitely nice to see it pay off.

Q. A little bit windy out here today.


Q. A little bit wet yesterday.


Q. How different is the golf course playing in like I guess 24 hours with such different conditions?

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it was two very different days. Yesterday was definitely a little bit wetter. It wasn't too hard of a rain, so it was only a little bit of a drizzle; wasn't too difficult to play in out there.

But you can definitely pin seek a little bit more. It's firming up today with the wind just drying it out a bit more. This wind is kind of what you expect in Florida. There is usually a constant 10, 15 mile per hour wind always.

Q. Are you working with somebody new on your putting?

LEXI THOMPSON: I am, but I prefer not to say.

Q. Okay.


Q. And you're going to be back here in a couple weeks playing with Bubba.


Q. What's that going to be like? Obviously he was very supportive of you guys at the Solheim.

LEXI THOMPSON: He was. You know, at Solheim that was really the first time I really got hang out with Bubba. I've never seen him play in person, and it will be so much fun.

I love team events, but to be paired up with Bubba, really looking forward to just being around him. He was great with us at Solheim. Seemed just like a genuine guy.

To be able to stay there the whole week and help us out and just to be there to support Team USA meant world to us.

I'm super excited to come back here in two weeks and get to see him play and pair up with him and just have a good time.

Q. Was it comforting to have an event like this that you feel good at after the finish at Pelican or...

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah. You know, I mean, last week was a great week overall. What the Doyle family does for us there, I mean, it's top notch what they do for us there. The golf course is in great shape.

Not the result I wanted, but just going to take the positives from last week and take it into this week. This is a week that I look forward to the most out of the year.

Just happy to be here with some of my family here to support me and play in front of the fans. Two more days, so I'm going to embrace it all.

Q. Last question from me. Speaking of two more days, this is a golf course that you obviously know like the back of your hand. As we get closer to Sunday, do you know where you can attack a little bit more than other places?

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I would say so. It's all wind-depending as well. If it gets windier there are some holes you just take your par and run out there. There are other holes that are a bit shorter that you can go pin seek with the wedges.

It's all a matter of placement out there as well, too. So I'm just going to stick to my game plan that I had the last two days, focus on one shot at a time, sticking to really visualizing my shots out there, and see where it takes me.

Q. I don't know if you looked at the schedule yet. Just your thoughts on it, if any?

LEXI THOMPSON: I actually haven't seen the schedule. My caddie talked to me about it a little bit out there today, but I heard it's great. A lot of purse increases, so that's always amazing to see, just the growth of the game.

So we're doing something right, and just very grateful to have the partnerships we do. To hear that kind of news is a big deal for the LPGA Tour.

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