CME Group Tour Championship

Friday, November 19, 2021

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Georgia Hall

Quick Quotes

Q. Georgia, 67, 68 to start the week. How did the conditions compare over the first two days?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I would say yesterday was hardly any wind, tees were pushed up quite a bit so the course played fairly easy.

Today, yeah, quite windy, especially the back nine. Lucky we didn't get any rain, but I think the conditions were harder today.

Q. You said yesterday that this has been your best season, even with how it went. What was the difference this year?

GEORGIA HALL: I just think I've been playing a lot more relaxed on the course. Me and Nelly were just having a lot fun out there and laughing the whole time. It's just like a practice round, and that's what I want it to be, that's what I want it to feel like.

So I think that's been key for this year.

Q. What's the key to keeping that rolling over the next two days?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, again, just feel like it's the first round. You know, there is a lot of golf to be played, but just keep focused and not get ahead of myself.

Q. Georgia, really solid 4-under 68 today, backing up a 67 yesterday. What have you found in your game that's been working so well recently?

GEORGIA HALL: Just that I'm really patient, relaxed, and mostly having fun out there, I think.

Q. Conditions kind of got a little windy today; it was a little bit wet yesterday. How much did the golf course change in 24 hours?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it's still soft, but the wind really got up. It was playing quite tough on the back nine so I was happy to finish with a birdie.

Q. How would you rate your season overall? I heard you talking to Amy Rogers about it was one of your better seasons.

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, definitely one of my better season, most consistent for sure, and I've contended in some majors, which has been good and that's been the goal.

Doing well here at the moment. Just really focusing on relaxing and keeping my head to one shot at a time.

Q. Two rounds left. Are you looking for the finish line or are you going to focus on the weekend?

GEORGIA HALL: A lot of golf to be played. And, yeah, you can shoot a low round here, so I think focus on each shot and not focus on winning; just get a good round in.

Q. Is there anything from today that you're taking into the rest of the weekend, positive or things to work on?

GEORGIA HALL: I'll work on a few shots, but most of all just keep my mind present. That's what I'm thinking of.

Q. Yeah. Heading into Saturday and Sunday there is a lot on the line here. You're going to be in contention, probably a couple shots back. Is this a golf course you feel like you can be more aggressive around or tend to play it safe still?

GEORGIA HALL: No, definitely a few holes you got to be a little bit careful of. Apart from that you can be quite aggressive and stick it close to the hole.

Q. What are you most pleased about with your game?

GEORGIA HALL: I think my irons have been pretty good. Today not as good, but I've given myself a lot of birdie opportunities.

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