CME Group Tour Championship

Friday, November 19, 2021

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Mina Harigae

Quick Quotes

Q. Mina, let's start with today. I know it was a little bit of a slower start. When did you really feel that momentum pick up for you?

MINA HARIGAE: You know, I feel like all day today, it's not that I was like uncomfortable, but I couldn't really get anything going. The wind was blowing harder.

Honestly, today my goal was today just to hang in there, grab -- just try to hit it somewhat close and put really good rolls on it.

So I'm happy with the way that my back nine ended up.

Q. I was going to say, the back nine was definitely an A-plus today. Take us through the final two birdies in the last three holes you had.

MINA HARIGAE: Yeah, 16 I rolled in probably like a 30- or 40-footer, but it looked great all the way. And then, I mean, I been putting well the last couple days so I was happy with that.

And then 17 I just had a really good two-putt. It was tough from the bottom tier going away right around the hole, but I hit just a really good lag putt.

So those, yeah, are it.

Q. There were definitely times where we felt that wind pick up and then settle back down. Did you feel that, and how did you adjust to the changing winds today?

MINA HARIGAE: I was fortunate enough where it didn't really gust right when I was about to hit. I could kind of just I guess tell that it was like ending a gust or it never really -- I was fortunate enough to never get affected by those gusts.

Q. You played with Celine. Thoughts on the round she shot in these conditions?

MINA HARIGAE: I mean, Celine, she's a great player. Honestly she's kind of like an all-around, complete player. Great ball striker, great short game, and really, really good putter.

You know, that equals 14-under for two days.

Q. I just wanted to say for you you were talking about your putting. Really felt it strong on the back nine. Is that something just you feel you get better as the rounds go on, or is that taking a look after a round and going to the practice green and everything like that and seeing what you can achieve?

MINA HARIGAE: No. I had a lot of really good par saves on the front nine as well. If anything, my putting is probably the most confident thing right now.

As long as I hit the green I feel like I have a really good chance of making it.

Q. How important do you think putting is with a course like this course this week?

MINA HARIGAE: Extremely important. I mean, the scores are really good this year, so you have a lot of birdie opportunities. These greens are rolling so well. If you pick a good line you have a great chance of making a lot of putts.

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