CME Group Tour Championship

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Nasa Hataoka

Quick Quotes

Q. Nasa Hataoka after a really solid 8-under 64. Shot a 29 on the back nine. What was working so well for you? Were you just making some putts today?

NASA HATAOKA: Yes, I was feeling really well from the beginning, and I was stroking it really well, putting really well.

So I had pretty much confidence my myself today.

Q. When you start to go low, when you start to make a lot of birdies in a row, how do you keep yourself focused on making the next birdie, keep the pedal down and keep going?

NASA HATAOKA: So I was playing really well because I feel like I was able to manage really well especially where to drop the ball, how to stroke the ball.

You know, so I think my overall image of the game was pretty good today.

Q. It was really windy out there today. Are you a player that typically likes to play in the wind, or is it a little bit more of an adjustment for your game?

NASA HATAOKA: To be honest, I'm more of a person who likes rain. But today I was pretty confident in myself, so I was able to play good.

Q. What was the challenge to stay patient until the back nine for those putts to start dropping for you?

NASA HATAOKA: The first nine I wasn't really stroking my putt really well, but I was patient with that. I was more focused with my routine this week, which kind of helped my game today, this week.

So I think that really helped my game today.

Q. Since your win in Arkansas your results haven't been particularly consistent. Was there anything in your game you worked on ahead of this week that's put you in contention going into Sunday?

NASA HATAOKA: To be honest, I wasn't playing pretty constantly all year, but, you know, I thought the image of my golf is something very important for me, so that's one thing I worked on after Arkansas.

Q. What do you mean by image of your golf?

NASA HATAOKA: So I been using a lot of TrackMan and see my stats, my numbers. My numbers were really good but I just didn't have a good feeling with my game.

But today it kind of went really well.

Q. Final question from me: Heading into Sunday you put yourself in a really good position to capture the $1.5 million and the CME Globe. What's the mindset after such a low round? How do you follow that up with so much on the line tomorrow?

NASA HATAOKA: After shooting a good round there is a lot of things, things in my mind, but I try not to think too much on my game.

I do have a goal for this week, so just play consistently, do the best I can tomorrow.

Q. You're still using the U.S. Women's Open ball marker. Would a win tomorrow feel like redemption from that playoff loss?

NASA HATAOKA: I wasn't really thinking about that, but maybe if I win tomorrow I'll keep using that pin.

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