CME Group Tour Championship

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Nanna Koerstz-Madsen

Quick Quotes

Q. Nanna Koerstz Madsen, really solid 5-under 67 today, kind of coming up clutch on moving day. You shot 31 on the back nine. You hit 12 of 14 fairways, 15 of 18 greens. How did you find Tiburon Golf Course today to shoot so low?

NANA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Well, I don't know, I didn't find it easier than the other days. It was tougher today for sure. The wind was picking up quite a lot.

But I made some good putts on the back nine and I had a couple birdies there, so, yeah, that's how I end up 5-under.

Q. When you're playing in this wind, does it put a premium on putting because of how tricky it is to hit good approach shots?

NANA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Yeah, you have to make some long putts here and there to get it that low, but you can get it close to the pin here because it's not like the pins are covered by bunkers or anything all the time.

But definitely the putting helps.

Q. We haven't seen you in the mix in a minute. What have you been working on that's giving you some confidence heading into the season finale?

NANA KOERSTZ MADSEN: I've just been trying to work on my swing. I haven't been playing very good from my approach game, so that's been where I been focusing mostly the last couple weeks.

It's paying off a little bit.

Q. What have you been working on specifically if you don't mind sharing?

NANA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Well, gets a little technical, but closing my club face on the way down, and, yeah, hitting the ball before the ground.

Q. You've had kind of a big year. Without a win it kind of would feel a little less huge, but playing in a Solheim Cup, two Top 5 finishes in majors. What lessons have you learned about yourself as a person both on and off the golf course this year that will help you going into the next season?

NANA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Well, definitely learned that even though you're nervous and excited for the round you can still play a good round of golf.

Where before I was like, oh, if I'm shaking I cannot play golf. But you just got to be okay with the feelings. That's probably what I learned most about myself.

Q. Heading into Sunday, a lot of money only the line, a lot of notoriety. How do you keep yourself in check? You've been in this position already a couple times this year. How do you keep yourself in check?

NANA KOERSTZ MADSEN: I don't think too much about the money before Sunday I think -- well, after the round on Sunday.

You cannot really do that. You just got to play your game and stick to the game plan you have.

Q. When you're playing in such windy conditions, I know you were telling me you're not much of a wind player, how do you stay patient? I know it's been challenging trying to figure out club distances and all that kind of thing.

NANA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Yeah, after yesterday I was struggling a little bit with my approach shots, so we went to the range and there was still a lot of wind there on the range yesterday, so I was practicing on those and feel like I had a good feeling going into today.

You just got to hit them low.

Q. And last question: What positives are you taking from 2021 into the off-season and 2022?

NANA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Well, I'm just really happy with my season, being in contention, really in contention down 18, so I've learned a lot that year that I can take on to next year.

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