CME Group Tour Championship

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Megan Khang

Quick Quotes

Q. Megan Khang, 3-under 69. Had some decent highlights on the card after a slow start. Three birdies and an eagle on 17. Let's talk about that eagle.

MEGAN KHANG: Yeah, no, it was very fortunate, very fortunate kick. I think we had 201 pin and I went with like my 22-degree hybrid.

The wind was pushing it like slightly to the right, so we were hoping for a good kick. Got the kick we wanted and I was like, Hey, let's take advantage of this.

Gave it a good roll and fortunately went in.

Q. Hit 14 of 14 fairways, 16 of 18 greens on a really windy day out here at Tiburon. How do you stay in control of yourself and in control of your golf shot when it's this windy?

MEGAN KHANG: I mean, we all know it's going to be super windy out there's as a whole, so just kind of staying patient out there, making sure we kind of stay within ourselves, not try to do hard -- I mean, I knew I was playing with Lexi today and I jokingly was like, All right, I'm ready for the Wal-Marts between our balls.

But, no, I knew it was going to be rare if I outdrove her. She would had to have to hit iron off the tee. But I knew from the start I wasn't having a driving contest against her.

Jack and I just played our own game and really stayed patient.

Q. Are you the kind of player that notices that kind of stuff?

MEGAN KHANG: Oh, 100%. It's hard not to notice. Lexi is such a good player. She's just come off a great week last week and, you know, she's obviously played well here in the past.

So pushes me, and I know that there is a lot of great girls playing behind us and ahead of us. I saw some scores being posted pretty low and I knew it was out there.

Q. You've had a pretty good week so far this week. Playing pretty well at the end the season. How do you stay energized after what has been a crazy two-year stretch?

MEGAN KHANG: I mean, given everything in the pandemic and just kind of a lot of different things going on, it helps that like I love going home, and it's very helpful that my dad is my coach.

And so being at home, having him look at me, watch over me, 24/7, especially when I need him after let's say like a tough week, it's definitely beneficial on my side.

It helps that I don't really have to travel to see a coach. It's hard to get away with things with him there, and I wouldn't have it another way.

Q. Looking ahead to tomorrow, a lot on the line. Everybody knows what's on the line here. You seem like such a positive, upbeat person. How do you keep yourself from getting too stressed out and focused on things when there is that much on the line?

MEGAN KHANG: I mean, that's when Jack comes in very handy. Jack is very fun out there. I joke around with him a lot and I kind of say I never know what's going to come out of his mouth, good or bad.

We try to have fun out there and really try not to talk about golf between shots.

Q. What's your secret to being as positive and upbeat as you are? There has to be a secret.

MEGAN KHANG: I would say it's a good thing I'm not mic'd up a lot. No, I mean, all jokes aside, we all have our moments. I like to get rid of mine as soon as I can and try to get over it and focus on the next shot.

So I'm not joking though, it's a good thing I'm not mic'd up.

Q. Last one from me. A lot of good things have happened to you this season. What positives are you taking away from 2021 into the off-season as you prepare for 2022?

MEGAN KHANG: It's been such a whirlwind season, both 2020 and 2021. Overall we're very fortunate to play in the amount of tournaments we were able to given the situations.

I mean, Mollie coming in, it's looking great. Just kind of really taking away like Solheim, played really well out there. Really showed that I can really have fun out there and play well.

And I think playing in front of like that huge crowd and kind of seeing my game kind of be almost 100% essentially, knowing I can play under those conditions, under the stress of not just myself but the team and the country shows that I'm very capable of being even better than I am.

Just kind of taking that away and really saying, Hey, like we can. We can play out here.

Q. Does that help you going into a situation where you're going to be chasing on a Sunday?

MEGAN KHANG: Definitely. I mean, I'm a pretty aggressive player. I think Jackson had to talk me off a couple shots going for it. Fortunately enough, he is very good about talking me off a ledge, and it's a lot of fun.

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