CME Group Tour Championship

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Hannah Green

Quick Quotes

Q. What a great finish. Eight birdies, three straight to end the year. I feel like that's got to end the season on a nice high note. Good karma for next year.

HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, definitely. I played well here last year. It's just the middle two rounds I couldn't quite get the putter rolling.

It was nice to finish and start with a 66, you're right. I'm pretty excited to put the clubs away, but it's always nice to end like that.

Q. What is the plan for the next for the next couple weeks?

HANNAH GREEN: Obviously two weeks quarantine for me going into Perth, and then I will probably keep the clubs away for another couple weeks. Just try and enjoy my time at home.

Obviously a lot is happening before Christmas, like festivals and things back at home, so I will just be a non-golfer for a little while, which will be fun.

But I'm not planning on playing the events in Florida. I'll probably start on the LPGA in March in Singapore.

And then, yeah, come back out for the rest of the year. Looks like next year should be easy to go back and forth, so it'll be better.

Q. Yeah. Some nice spaced out events already.


Q. Make a nice schedule. You mentioned some festivals. What kind of festivals?

HANNAH GREEN: There are a few big garden festivals, things like that. So I'll be enjoying myself, probably rewarding myself after a good finish and obviously the Aon challenge.


Q. Any specific names for the festivals around a particular Australian holiday?

HANNAH GREEN: No, it's not really like for the holiday, but there is like a festival called The Ice Cream Factory, so...

It's not about ice cream. But there is a few DJs that play. It's in the city. It's a lot of fun. So I'm excited.

Q. Sounds like it.

HANNAH GREEN: My boyfriend as organized everything, so...

Q. Perfect. Have you been able to reflect a little bit on the week? I know obviously the magnitude for the winner here, but what has the magnitude been like for yourself after taking a step back to see what $1 million really can mean to you in the long run?

HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, it's huge, and even to see what it's going to be next year as well, it's like crazy that it's going to change so much.

But, yeah, I think -- like coming down the stretch I knew I didn't really know what the breakdown was. I just wanted to make a top 10.

I gave myself the best chance of doing that today, but I think it's -- you think about the money a little bit more when you have these big purses and this big of prize money.

Q. How would you assess the year overall?

HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, I had a bit of a hump I guess towards the back end of the year. Just really couldn't get anything going so it was nice to have a good result here.

But I feel like it probably was because I didn't go home as often as I would've liked. I feel like every time I came back you had a good result. Hopefully that can happen again next year.

Q. Australia, home of good vibes.


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