CME Group Tour Championship

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Megan Khang

Quick Quotes

THE MODERATOR: Here with Megan Khang. Nice way to start your week here at the CME Group Tour Championship. Way to finish. Solid back nine. I know that 3-putt on 8 kind of fired you up.

MEGAN KHANG: Definitely. I mean, going out there warming up on the range you could definitely feel the wind kind of blowing out there, and I think everyone who has been down here knows that pretty much the first four holes are a tough start to the round.

I was feeling really good about my swing. Hit some really good shots in those first few holes. Wasn't able to hole a putt until the par-5 six. By then had that little hiccup a 3-putt.

I look at Jack and said, Hey, let's just trust the lines and put a good stroke on it instead of second-guessing ourselves, and we'll see what happens from there.

THE MODERATOR: Those kind of moments, I think you're a player that holds yourself to pretty high standards. Does that fire you up and get you angry and we're not going to do that and we're going to go low?

MEGAN KHANG: It stinks that a 3-putt has to happen in order to feel that way, but, I mean, thankfully it was on the 8th hole and not on the 15th hole.

So, like, heading into the back nine, it was a nice little fresh start. Got a really good up-and-down on 9. So that was definitely a savior going into the back nine so I wasn't too mad at myself.

Again, just kind of went into the back nine and gave myself chances, and pretty much the hole-out on 12 gave me the jump-start that I needed.

THE MODERATOR: Walk me through that shot.

MEGAN KHANG: It was really funny. So I believe the pin was, like, 141. The wind was howling pretty good, and I was joking with Jack. We were talking about the number. I pulled out an 8-iron.

I was, like, Oh, is 145 a good number for you?

He is, like, I like 150.

So I know he is hinting, like, hey, let's club up and not hit the 8 and maybe hit a smooth 7. Not me. I was, like, all right, I'll just punch it.

I pulled this 8-iron, and I go into that left bunker, and I just watch it in the air. I'm just, like, that was terrible.

It barely gets into the bunker, and I'm, like, this is embarrassing. No, I love bunkers, so thankfully it was an uphill kind of bunker shot and was on a really good line. Hit the pin, and I got a little scared that -- I was, like, oh, with my luck it will probably pop back out, but thankfully dropped down.

You know, didn't look back from there. That was kind of what we needed to get the back nine going.

THE MODERATOR: I feel like you play well here a lot. I know you played a lot of golf down this way. What is it about here that suits your eye?

MEGAN KHANG: Honestly, I don't know. I don't play a ton of Florida golf. I do say this golf course I feel like suits me pretty well. I don't know if it's because it's the last event of the year or because it's kind of that no-cut kind of feature.

But I think over time I've gotten more comfortable playing this golf course, and I have learned a lot more about it. So I think that experience has definitely helped me kind of get a little more comfortable around this course.

THE MODERATOR: I know it's Thursday. Last one from me. Obviously, largest first place check in women's golf here. What would you buy if you won the $2 million?

MEGAN KHANG: Honestly, I'm not a big spender. I say that. I'm, like, I would probably buy a condo (laughing).

I mean, I'm looking at condos. I have been looking at condos for the past year. Obviously, prices have rocketed up since COVID, but other than that, maybe invest in that, but I'm pretty much a saver kind of girl.

THE MODERATOR: Is there anything irresponsible that you would take just $500 and go buy something stupid?

MEGAN KHANG: I did that one year where my big purchase was, like, $500. Oh, like, oh, my goodness, that was so expensive.

Everyone is, like, Megan, you may X amount this year.

I was, like, so, 500 is 500. You know, I still hold a dollar bill to the max. It's something that my parents taught me, and I don't take it for granted.

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