CME Group Tour Championship

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Lydia Ko

Flash Interview

THE MODERATOR: Certainly a good day, but a little different than how you started it. Four birdies in the last five holes, how do you assess...

LYDIA KO: I actually didn't hit that bad of a drive. I've hit worse drives off that first hole before. And I hit the tree, and I was right behind it. So it was almost like I hit two tee shots, and then I was on my way.

I didn't know that even though I bogeyed a par-5, I knew there were plenty of holes, especially the ones coming, that were going to play downwind that I could birdie, so I tend to not get too frustrated about it.

The first four holes into the wind is a beast. It's a beast without the wind. So I knew that if I could just hang on and just stay patient, there was going to be a lot of opportunities, and I was able to grab a lot of them in the back nine. So definitely nice to finish off that way.

Q. Certainly a lot of attention coming into this week, given your position and your year? How are you able to handle that kind of pressure and play with what Lauren and I have described as pretty relaxed and creative golf out there today?

LYDIA KO: I was actually talking to Jeeno and said, okay, how is it being No. 1? Is it different?

Obviously, she's had a good year. I've had a good year. I think no matter what happens this week, you know, if things don't go my way and I'm not holding a trophy or whatever, I may be disappointed at that exact moment, but I was able to have two wins that were very special to me, and this has been some of the most consistent golf I've played.

So I can't really complain. And just to have this opportunity is great, and these opportunities don't come very often. So I know deep down I want to try and grab it when it's there, but there are so many players playing so well week in-week out, and I know it's not just about how I do. So I'm just trying to focus on me and see where that puts me at the end of Sunday.

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