CME Group Tour Championship

Friday, November 18, 2022

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Hyo Joo Kim

Quick Quotes

THE MODERATOR: Here with Hyo Joo Kim after her second round at the CME Group Tour Championship. What was the biggest highlight from your round today?

HYO JOO KIM: I think my best shot was the 16th hole, the par-3. The reason is because it wasn't a short hole, but the shot went really well, and then it translated to a good birdie putt as well.

THE MODERATOR: Awesome. What were some of the differences between your round today and yesterday?

HYO JOO KIM: There actually wasn't too much difference. Actually, the greens in regulation percentage was higher yesterday than it was today. I think that's why the scores were a little bit different. But, in general it was pretty much the same.

THE MODERATOR: You're now in second place with a couple of strokes back. What do you have to do tomorrow to sort of catch up to Lydia, do you think?

HYO JOO KIM: I think I should play well to catch up to Lydia. I think hopefully tomorrow compared to today the greens in regulation percentage will be higher. I think the feel of my putts and my shot is pretty good right now, so I think if I get those birdie opportunities, hopefully I can reduce that gap.

THE MODERATOR: Does it make you excited to play with someone like Lydia and someone who is playing really well? Does it make you play better, do you think?

HYO JOO KIM: I think when I play with someone who I'm close to, it will definitely be more fun. And if I'm playing with a player who is playing well, I think I can follow that rhythm and also play well. So hopefully that's going to be the case tomorrow.

THE MODERATOR: Last question. Have you looked at the schedule for next year, which we released today, and does it excite you that there's going to be more money than ever on the line next year?

HYO JOO KIM: I haven't seen the schedule yet, but the fact that there's a large -- the fact that the purse has gotten bigger, as a player it's a very thankful thing. So, yes, it's good news.

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