CME Group Tour Championship

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Gemma Dryburgh

Quick Quotes

THE MODERATOR: Here with Gemma. Gemma, to be where you are right now in this final round here, just take me through what this day was like for you.

GEMMA DRYBURGH: Yeah, it was very good. I started off -- I think I hit was it the second or third? I hit it pretty close. Hit it to, like, a foot. Made a birdie there. Yeah, golfed, and I start there. And, unfortunately, had a couple of three-putts today, but apart from that, was pretty solid.

Q. I think we've talked about it all week being able to play your way into this event. This is your first time here, and here you are in contention heading into the final day. How does that make you feel about what you've been able to produce over the last couple of weeks?

GEMMA DRYBURGH: Yeah, very special. Just taking the confidence from Japan into it week. Been swinging very well and putting well as well, so just kind of riding all of that confidence at the moment. And it's been fun to get into contention. You never know what can happen tomorrow.

Q. I'm curious if the Thursday night evening with all the other award winners, what that kind of did for you mentally?

GEMMA DRYBURGH: It was obviously very special to be there. I've seen it on social media before and kind of watched on streams in previous years and always loved seeing everyone dressed up and everything. To have my parents there as well was special and, you know, kind of all the past LPGA legends as well to be there.

So it was amazing to be just in their presence and eating some great food as well. Yeah, it was a special evening.

Q. We were joking around about how many toilets you could buy, but, I mean, it's obviously life-changing kind of money. Was there ever a point in your career when finances were really stressing you out?

GEMMA DRYBURGH: Yes, definitely. When I first got -- when I first played on LET, I think I had one sponsor, and then that kind of fell away. Had some help at the beginning from Scottish Golf and then that kind of stopped as well.

So didn't have any sponsors kind of at one point, and then some help from members at my club. They kind of did a trust fund for me, which really helped, so shout out to them, Beaconsfield Golf Club. They've been so supportive, so without them and obviously my parents, I mean, they've helped me so, so much. I've always kind of had that in the back of my mind to have kind of their help. Obviously I never wanted to rely on them. Kind of wanted to make my own way. But, yeah, sponsorship is not easy out here.

Q. How much did the win in Japan free you up mentally in that regard?

GEMMA DRYBURGH: Yeah, it's huge. It's obviously by far the biggest check I've made, and hopefully you never know if some sponsors might come out of the back of it hopefully, so, yeah, it's life-changing.

Q. Was that club where you grew up?

GEMMA DRYBURGH: I moved down to Beaconsfield when I was -- I moved there when I was 10, and then joined that club when I was 12, so pretty much, yeah.

Q. What will you take away from these past three days about your play, and what will you focus on with just one round ahead of us?

GEMMA DRYBURGH: Just confidence, like I said. Playing with some of the best in the world. Nelly is No. 1 at the moment, so playing with her is an honor. Kind of playing amongst the best, so just lots of confidence.

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