CME Group Tour Championship

Friday, November 3, 2023

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Allisen Corpuz

Press Conference

CHRISTINA LANCE: Hi, everybody. Thank you guys very much for joining us. For those that don't know, I'm Christina Lance with LPGA comms.

I think pretty much all of you know the women up in the upper left-hand corner, Alison Corpuz, one of our rock stars here on the LPGA Tour, winner the U.S. Women's Open, and as we head into the last two weeks of the season, currently leading the Money List.

Allisen, congrats on an awesome year. Certainly you had the U.S. Women's Open win as I mentioned; representing the U.S. on the Solheim Cup.

What have been some of your highlights as you look back on an incredibly successful 2023 season?

ALLISEN CORPUZ: Yeah, I think just the full season has been about growth and just learning a lot more about myself.

Even before I got the win I think I was able to put myself in contention a few times, and, yeah, just to be able to get my first win at Pebble Beach was really, really special. Especially I had a lot of family out that week.

And then yeah, competing in my first Solheim Cup was really awesome. Just such a special week. Yeah, really looking forward to finishing out the year with three really special tournaments, The ANNIKA and CME and Grant Thornton.

CHRISTINA LANCE: I want to go back to Pebble Beach for a bit. You've had several months to sit and reflect. About how long did it take you to realize everything you achieved that week? And as you look back on that week, certainly raising the trophy, but what are some of the big moments you remember?

ALLISEN CORPUZ: Yeah, I think just a lot of like key moments throughout the third and fourth round, just some really good par saves and, yeah, the birdies on 14 and 15 the final day coming in.

I mean, it kind of feels like I've just been really busy since then, but it's definitely starting to sink in more. I think the more that I hear from other people, you know, like how much fun they had watching me on TV, just having Pebble Beach hosting a women's tournament, I think it just becomes more special the more I hear it.

CHRISTINA LANCE: Absolutely. And then looking to the Solheim Cup, you went 2-1-1. It was a draw as I keep saying. U.S. did not lose; Europe did not win.

But what was the overall takeaway from you of that week? You played a on team events before, but this is the absolute pinnacle of women's golf. What did you take from the honor the representing your country in that way?

ALLISEN CORPUZ: Yeah, I think Stacy said it best: The U.S. doesn't have historically a great record of playing in Europe, so coming out with a tie was I think a really strong showing for us.

And, yeah, I'm looking forward to hopefully being on more teams. It's always just such an honor to represent your country. And, yeah, it was really awesome to just get to be on the same team as some of those girls I compete with week in, week out. Definitely left the week with a lot of respect for all of them.

CHRISTINA LANCE: Fabulous. One last question from me before I start opening it up.

Allisen, you mentioned we're going into another stretch here to end the year. I want to focus, next week, the ANNIKA, certainly a women that you and many of your peers look up to. How are you feeling going into The ANNIKA week, and as you get ready for a week that's certainly one of the biggest and the best player experiences you get on tour, what are you looking forward to for next week?

ALLISEN CORPUZ: Yeah, I played pretty solid at Pelican last year, and so I think it was the course that really suited my game. Really like how it looks. Game has been solid these past two weeks in Asia, so really excited to have another chance to go out there and play my best.

Yeah, and just having it be the first year being sponsored by Annika, she's done so much for the women's game in general. I grew up playing in her AJGA event and the collegiate event as well, so yeah, really excited to play in her I guess third event now. Yeah, it's really cool to see that come full circle.

CHRISTINA LANCE: What was it about the course that seemed to fit your eye and work for you?

ALLISEN CORPUZ: I think a lot of Florida courses look similar to Hawai'i courses. The bermuda, few of the holes have the water running along the sides. Pretty wide open fairways and just need to be a little more I guess focus on your approach shots.

Yeah, I had the putter going pretty well there and just overall liked the course design.

CHRISTINA LANCE: Hopefully this year we won't ride out a hurricane on the first day. That was interesting last year.

We'll open it up for questions.

Q. I wanted to ask you, what is the biggest thing that being a U.S. Open champion does for you?

ALLISEN CORPUZ: Yeah, I think the big way it's changed my life so far is just the recognition. I mean, I think being on tour weekly, right, like all the girls know who is winning week to week.

On a larger scale there are some tournaments that people I guess overlook or like can't really name who won each week.

But with it being a major, at Pebble Beach, I think a lot more people just know my game. That's been the biggest change. Yeah, just the opportunities that's it provided me so far, making the Solheim Cup and playing in Grant Thornton coming up. Opportunities like that have been really awesome.

Q. As you look year over year, you had a solid rookie year and then you've been at a different level this year. Where in your game do you feel the biggest elevation?

ALLISEN CORPUZ: Yeah, I think this year was a lot of mental work honestly. I mean, my rookie year was more just getting comfortable, learning what a tournament week looks like, just figuring out the whole scheduling, especially trying to reshuffle higher early on in the season. Didn't really have a chance to plan out what that looks like.

I played a five-week stretch last year and I remember being exhausted at the end of that, so coming into the year having a better expectation of what it would look like, what's better for me as far as like how many tournaments am I going to play in a row, where are the courses that I enjoyed playing at last year. Just having that experience in my rookie year helped a lot.

Just coming out and telling myself that I'm good enough to compete. I've been playing well and, yeah, been working hard. I think that was the biggest game changer for me.

Q. Just wanted to clarify, do you live in Southern California still or is this your base? Also, was wondering if you could talk a bit about how your career at USC helped you become the player you are now.

ALLISEN CORPUZ: Yeah, I am still in Los Angeles. Actually practicing out of Wilshire, Brentwood, and Rolling Hills. They've all been kind enough to help me stay on post-graduation.

I think just the level of golf that the USC golf team always plays at, I mean, I came on to the team as a freshman with five seniors, and I think of the five, four of them went through Q-School and tried to get their tour cards.

So everyone on the team for every year that I was on the team played really solid golf. So just being around all the girls, watching how they practice, watching their game, for me, I always like just playing with people and seeing if I can pick up one or two shots that they hit well.

So just a lot of learning in general. Yeah, just having the college experience, I mean, meeting other people outside of golf, going to classes, I mean, I love going to school and I love the school in general, so just having the time to mature and grow I think helped a lot.

Q. I know that you traveled a bunch this season, from Asia to Spain obviously for the Solheim Cup. Curious if you have like any travel essentials that you found to be really helpful this year?

ALLISEN CORPUZ: Yeah, I always travel with my Thera-gun. I think that helps a lot, yeah, when I'm stretching and stuff. Other than that, I mean, I don't really have too many essentials that I take on the road with me.

I try to pack less and less each time I go but still have everything I need.

Q. Love it. Thank you so much.


Q. We've had I think it's 23 first-time winners since your rookie season last year. I think a consistent message from all of them is what it you mentioned: the mental hurdles to believe they're good enough to win. How do you see that on the course? I know you talked a little bit about around the course. How did you see it within yourself within competing?

ALLISEN CORPUZ: Yeah, I think just watching some of my friends win before I won, and I mean, watching Rose win her debut, right? Just seeing everyone win week in, week out. Obviously won't have your best game every single week, but I think it's, I mean, always a learning experience.

I play practice rounds with whoever is on the first tee, like when I want to play, so I've played a lot of rounds with a bunch of different girls. Really just seeing how, yeah, they approach the game. Kind of just comparing your games and seeing, there isn't that big of a difference.

I think I came out on tour thinking like everyone is on their A-game all the time and that's why they're out here, but I think you learn after a few weeks that it's really about managing when you don't have your best game, right? Like you're not going to play 72 holes of perfect golf.

So it's really just about learning how can I minimize my mistakes, still make par after a bad shot, and yeah, how to capitalize on birdie opportunities as well.

Q. Week to week, how many players in the field do you think could end up winning an event if they were able to apply that lesson to themselves of believing they could win?

ALLISEN CORPUZ: I mean, like as you said, there have been 23 first-time winners. I think there is a little bit of luck involved, but when you have it going, I think every girl out here is definitely capable.

It's really just is about does the course suit your game. Do you feel good that week. Do you make a few putts.

Q. Congratulations on your U.S. Open win at Pebble Beach. I joined millions of fans who enjoyed you playing, and your consistent play was most impressive. Also congratulations on the Rolex. I think that's coming up in a couple weeks. That's wonderful. Quick question about the Pelican Golf Course. This is a Donald Ross influenced golf course. The Doyles have created a golf course that's very open and creates a lot of opportunities it cut the corners if you want to, risk/reward. Additionally, if you can speak to this, a lot of greens are fairly raised. They are kind of bowl-like, which is a Donald Ross trait. Does that present opportunities for you as well as challenges? You played so well there in the past. Curious about your strategy going into next week.

ALLISEN CORPUZ: Yeah, of course. Thanks so much for the congratulations. I mean, I in general really like Donald Ross courses. I played Pinehurst No. 2 for the North South and really enjoyed that track as well. I think week in and week out for me I focus on hitting the fairways and greens and that usually takes care of most of it.

Yeah, just growing up on bermuda, just more used to chipping off that. But, no, I mean, like you said, I think there is a lot of opportunities for different pin positions and a few shelves -- few greens that are wider than they are long, so just a very different angle into the green.

And I think that highlights the need for more accurate approach shots, which tends to be a strength in my game. I think that's what helps line up.

Q. You joined Michelle as one of two major champions from Hawai'i, and since it's been a little bit now since that win, how has it settled in? What's helped change your season this year?

ALLISEN CORPUZ: Yeah, I mean, Michelle was obviously such an inspiration growing up for me, so it's definitely an honor to share that U.S. Open win with her.

Yeah, like I said earlier, I think it's really just been about mindset and coming into the season a little more prepared, kind of knowing what mistakes was I making last year and how can I try to improve on that, and really just trying to get a little bit better in each category the game, ball striking, chipping, and putting.

That's really been the goal this entire season. Where can I cut out one or two shots and hope that over a season it's much more than that.

Q. Obviously won at Pebble, first time the LPGA ever went there for a major. What course an LPGA major has not bandage at yet would you like to see them go to next?

ALLISEN CORPUZ: I mean, very long shot, but everyone wants to play Augusta.

CHRISTINA LANCE: Maybe Annika can help us now.

ALLISEN CORPUZ: That has to be the top of everyone's list. There is a few courses that I haven't been to, like Pine Valley is on my list. Cypress Point. Just a lot of bigger named courses I've never been to. Then I am really looking forward to the Old Course for the AIG next year.

No, we have some really great major venues coming up so really looking forward to it.

CHRISTINA LANCE: Have you been to St Andrews before?


CHRISTINA LANCE: You're in for a treat. I don't play golf and even I know that place is incredibly special.

Q. Expanding on the influence of Michelle, did that help you as a youth really see that there were no limitations to what you could do?

ALLISEN CORPUZ: Yeah, I mean, I think there is enough that I have in common with her just watching an Asian-American play fantastic golf -- obviously I don't hit the ball like she does. She's on another level when it comes to the distance and everything that she had.

But, yeah, just growing up and watching everything she accomplished, especially being from Hawai'i, she actually sponsored our junior golf association's TOC, so just having her come out and take pictures with the juniors and stuff was, yeah, really influential.

Q. And I was going to ask, you sitting atop the Money List with 3 plus million dollars in earnings this year, have you spoiled yourself with anything? Any big purchases?

ALLISEN CORPUZ: Honestly, I bought a car in January before the season started, and that was my big purchase of the year. So not really so far.

Q. What did you get as a car?

ALLISEN CORPUZ: I have a Lexus NX.

Q. I'm really curious about the relationship you have with Cam Champ and your partnership for the Grant Thornton Invitational and how you made that decision to team up.

ALLISEN CORPUZ: Yeah, I actually haven't met him in any capacity. I was telling Christina this earlier. I got the invite to play the tournament, and then I think they just thought we would be a good match.

So, yeah, I'm really excited for it. Even though I don't know him, I've always seen him hit the ball on TV. Yeah, I'm really excited to have someone just send it for me.

CHRISTINA LANCE: What are you looking forward to at that event being part of the first of its kind at a course you will know, you certainly know, Tiburon? Sounds like a really fun week. We're all looking forward to it. How about you?

ALLISEN CORPUZ: Having the opportunity to play with the men, alongside them, that's a really fantastic opportunity. I mean, I watch a lot more golf now that I turned pro and don't have school to worry about.

Yeah, really excited to see their games up close. I've been to the Sony Open and couple other events from time to time, but really excited for the format as well. They're doing that new like best ball format like alternate shot and choosing the best four. I love scrambles, I think people are going to go crazy low for it, so it'll be really tough but I'm really looking forward to it.

CHRISTINA LANCE: I'll just wrap up by saying thank you for taking some time out of your off week. One last question: Heading into The ANNIKA, CME, and then we actually have you back for the Grant Thornton, back for Tournament of Champions in January, and then back over to Bradenton for the DriveOn in January. You said the Florida courses set up good for you. Are you pretty confident heading into the last two weeks and looking to the next few events coming up in Florida?

ALLISEN CORPUZ: Yeah, game feels like it's in a good spot. I think a win always takes a little bit extra, so I don't know if that's in the cards for me. Definitely hoping to put up some low scores and definitely know I'm capable of it.

CHRISTINA LANCE: Thank you so much. Safe travel to Florida. Thank you to everyone on the call.

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