CME Group Tour Championship

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Ruoning Yin

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Hello and welcome everyone to the media center at the CME Group Tour Championship. I am joined by Ruoning Yin. Welcome to the media center and CME, Ronni.

RUONING YIN: I'm excited.

Q. First time here at Tiburon Golf Club. How excited are you to be here this week and get started?

RUONING YIN: I think it's my first debut playing the CME championship, and I get to see the course last two days and I think fits my game, so excited.

Q. Are there any things specifically about the course that fit your eye?

RUONING YIN: It's pretty flat and wide open. Maybe first couple holes have some dogleg holes, but once past No. 4 I think everything is opened up.

Q. And you've had a great year so far winning twice including a major championship. What were those wins like for you this year?

RUONING YIN: For me, it's like dream come true, because at the end of last year I sat down with my team and we set a goal for this year to win a major, and, yeah, I'm a major championship right now and also tour winner twice, which is good.

Q. Absolutely. There has been a lot of sponsors that have stepped up in the past year or so, CME being one of them, and increasing the purses for next year. What does that mean to see that?

RUONING YIN: It's always good to see purse increase. I mean, like Lydia says the other day, the girls here are amazing, so why not?

Q. I think about two years ago, you were in a very different position at this time of year, playing in Q-School. To be two years later, you've won your first tournament on tour and won a major, can you reflect on those last two years and how you've grown?

RUONING YIN: I think I had really tough year last year because keep missing the cut.

At one point I just think about quit, but I think this is all experience. It's just because I went through those downs and that's what makes me right here.

Q. When you said you were about to quit, you thought about quitting, what led you to that? You had so much success on the CLPGA and a solid career starting rookie year. What led you to think that now that you're here?

RUONING YIN: Last year first half year I think I played nine tournaments and seven miss cut, and I also had a wrist injury.

At that point I just keep hitting the ball bad, and because I'm hitting bad so I want to practice, and I practice more and I got injured. So at that point that's my -- I think that's my lowest spot.

So, yeah, just on the driving range I'm calling my mom, I don't want to play golf anymore.

Q. What was the mindset shift when you turned the page to this year to let 2022 go and start 2023 fresh and do what you've done on the golf course?

RUONING YIN: So I think because I had really good start at Dana Open last year. I finish Top 4, and just before that I haven't play any tournament for two months because the injury.

My mom told me, if you cannot swing just don't swing. Just do your putting drills, practice putting and chipping you'll be fine. No matter what, we still love you.

I think that give me power to continue practicing, and I had a good week at Dana, and I think that give me a lot of confidence and keep playing.

This year I think I did some change in my off-season. I start playing draws instead of always playing fades, so I can play both way. I think that makes me more comfortable on the course.

Q. As Carley just mentioned, we had an announcement this morning for a substantial purse increase here. At what point does money enter your mind, and does it add additional pressure to you?

RUONING YIN: Not really. I definitely love to see purse, bigger purse, but for me, winning is the most important thing.

Q. What was that injury exactly last year in?

RUONING YIN: Something about my ligament on the wrist.

Q. On your wrist?


Q. Left or right?

RUONING YIN: Left. So I couldn't swing at all.

Q. For how long?

RUONING YIN: Almost half year.

Q. Oh, wow.


Q. When did it clear up?

RUONING YIN: This February.

Q. Back to my original question: How is life different for you in China? What's it like when you go there now?

RUONING YIN: A lot different. So when I just got back to China this year, right before the Asian Game, I went out with my mom and we were walking on the street. There is two guys walking, just walking to us and said, is that Ronni? Ronni, Ronni, Ronni. I was like, I just grab my mom, like don't look back. Just go. (Smiling.)

Yeah, it's a lot different. And especially when I play Buick. A lot of kids follow me, see me play, and they basically just telling me it's because you started to play, I started work hard. I was like, that's the things I want to see. (Smiling.)

Q. What's the adjustment been like for you going from not as well-known to now being recognized in public?

RUONING YIN: Feels a little weird. I'm definitely not used to it.

I think it's weird feeling. I got a -- you know, I always wanted to wear mask when I walk on the street in China, especially in the clubhouse.

Q. And you were talking earlier about the call you had with your mom to keep going last year. I noticed you were tearing up a little bit. What emotions did you feel like to have your mom give you that you call and those supportive words at the time?

RUONING YIN: I think it just, you know, family is love, even just not with me at the moment, but once I feel little pressure or emotional I always call her and she can always give me the right answer.

She always tell me what's the right thing to do.

Q. What does it mean to have that strong relationship with your mom?

RUONING YIN: I think both my mom and dad. My dad is kind of different, different type, but it just feels amazing to have parents like them always with me.

Q. And how do you and your team go from almost quitting middle of the season, struggling to perform, to building out the goal of winning a major this year?

RUONING YIN: I think everyone around me trust, have faith in me. Like my coach, he always said, I believe you can win a major. Just matter of time.

Yeah. And even after I win a major, he text me and said, I knew it, but I didn't expect that soon. (Laughter.)

Yeah, but they trust me.

Q. What's your coach's name?

RUONING YIN: Holton Freeman and Craig Dixon.

Q. Did you say how you injured your wrist last year? What caused the injury?

RUONING YIN: I think I practice too much. Normally I just hit 100 balls per day, but last year I was hitting over 500, so that is a lot for me. I think that's why my wrist getting worse.

Q. With all you achieved this season, winning multiple times, winning a major, reaching No. 1 in the world, which of those things are you most proud to have accomplished?

RUONING YIN: Definitely world No. 1. This is the goal since I was 11. I always tell people I want to be the world No. 1. That's always my goal.

Q. Why was that so important to you?

RUONING YIN: Just feels good. I am the best player in the world.

Q. How did it feel when you did reach that? Was it what you expected and dreamed it would be?

RUONING YIN: I didn't expect this soon, I can reach that spot this soon, but I think for me just matter of time.

Q. When you talk about what it's like going back to China, have you spoken with Shanshan about what it was like for her? I am sure she is recognized quite a bit. Does she have any advice on how to handle that or comments on your success this year?

RUONING YIN: We had a conversation in the Asian Game because she's the head coach of the National Team, but I think she's one of a kind. I think I just have to find my own way.

Q. And before I pass the mic off, can you give us an update with the housing situation and how things are going with Janet and the house?

RUONING YIN: Oh, she increase my rent. (Laughter.) Not much. It's still reasonable price. (Laughter.)

THE MODERATOR: Thank you so much, Ronni, best of luck this week.

RUONING YIN: Thank you.

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