CME Group Tour Championship

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Nasa Hataoka

Flash Interview

Q. Okay, here with Nasa Hataoka, our clubhouse leader at the CME Group Tour Championship. Nine birdies on the card for you. You've done that a couple times this year in the first round. How did you manage that today?

NASA HATAOKA: Before start round I feel not 100%, but I was focused on my game and especially my iron shots are really good today.

Q. Were those your approach shots? Were you hitting it close to the pin or making long putts?

NASA HATAOKA: I putt really good to like 15 foot, but more iron shots more closer, yes.

Q. I notice you hit a lot of fairways today, 13 out of 14. Did that help overall keeping the ball in the fairway where maybe it isn't as wet?

NASA HATAOKA: I think the softness of the fairway really helped me. I had a couple shots that went away, but the wetness really helped.

Q. What was your practice like this week? I know yesterday nobody got practice. What days did you practice? Were you able to get a lot of practice in here?

NASA HATAOKA: I came here Sunday and I play nine holes on Sunday; I play other nine on Tuesday; I play pro-am on Tuesday, yeah.

Q. So you played 18 holes on Tuesday?


Q. So Monday you played nine?


Q. So how was the course different from your practice rounds to today? Did you expect it to be so different after the rain?

NASA HATAOKA: When I play Monday it was already -- fairways already soft, so I really practice my hybrid shot. It's because longer iron -- I practiced a lot assuming there would be a lot more distance needed for my iron shots, so that's what I concentrated on because of the wet ground.

Q. I know you played this course really well. You've had some really good finishes here throughout the years. What do you like about this course?

NASA HATAOKA: Still I feel this golf course, but I was really focused on my game, so that's why I shoot 63 today.

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