CME Group Tour Championship

Friday, November 17, 2023

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Ayaka Furue

Flash Interview

Q. All right, here with Ayaka Furue after the second round at the CME Group Tour Championship. A little hot out there today. What do you take away from this second day here in Naples?

AYAKA FURUE: I feel like my shot was really good but more than that, I felt my putting was really like brilliant.

Q. Where was your putting brilliant? What are some putts that stick out to you?

AYAKA FURUE: Everything. (Smiling.)

Q. You opened with two birdies on the first two holes yesterday; today, three birdies on the first three holes. What is it about the opening holes you like so much and that are suiting well to your game?

AYAKA FURUE: I feel like my second birdie on the second hole, that was kind of made my day.

I mean, like I was gaining momentum from that birdie, so, yeah, just that point I got.

Q. What happened there on the second hole? Talk me through the hole, that second hole.

AYAKA FURUE: The wind was blowing hard today and I could read the wind correctly. Yeah, that is why I think I got my mindset to get birdies today.

Q. This is now your second time at the CME Group Tour Championship. Second round, 65. Overall thoughts on this course and why were you able to take advantage of gettable conditions today?

AYAKA FURUE: I don't really remember about the course last year, but I feel like the wind was kind of moving around, so it's kind of difficult point for me to read.

But I made it today, so I'm just (indiscernible)...

Q. And you talked about working on your putting. After last week, what did you do to reset and focus on the putting?

AYAKA FURUE: Yeah, from last week I was aware my putting was kind of weak, so I tried to play, like putt more aggressively this week, so that's why I think I got this result today.

Q. Nice. What do you hope to carry through into tomorrow that you took away from today?

AYAKA FURUE: I think I've been focusing on well this week, so just keep on doing that and just putt more aggressively, like more strongly than I can, yeah.

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