CME Group Tour Championship

Friday, November 17, 2023

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Ruoning Yin

Flash Interview

Q. All right, here with Ruoning Yin after her second round at the CME Group Tour Championship. How was your round different today from yesterday?

RUONING YIN: I think I definitely have rough start compared to yesterday. My swing didn't felt well in couple first hole, but luckily I was able to figure it out on the front nine.

Q. I know you said you felt a little off yesterday before your round. What is it about your swing that's maybe not feeling comfortable?

RUONING YIN: I think today it's just because the wind direction change, and because my normal ball flight was fade and today when I was hitting the ball on the driving range the wind is left to right, so that makes my ball go right much more than normal.

I think that's the -- one of the reason why I couldn't hit the ball well in the first couple holes.

Q. How did you sort of figure that out as the round went on? Did the wind change? What did you do to manage that?

RUONING YIN: I tried to hit a couple draw to try to adjust my swing. Just don't go -- just try to keep my swing direction to the right.

Q. Got you.


Q. Heading into moving day, what's the goals tomorrow? What sort of round do you think you have to put together to remain in contention?

RUONING YIN: I think the goal for the weekend, just like I say yesterday, I just want to make less mistakes.

Q. Okay.

RUONING YIN: So I know I figured out something today, so I just try to keep doing what I'm doing on the back nine today, and just, you know, try to make birdie as much as I can.

Q. With only one bogey on the card, seems you are limiting mistakes. How are you managing that?

RUONING YIN: I think my ball striking was pretty good. I think even I miss the green, I'm still able to make up and down, so I think my game is pretty good. My putting is good. Short game is good. Ball striking is good.

Just tried to, you know, keep mental toughness. (Smiling.)

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