CME Group Tour Championship

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Ruoning Yin

Flash Interview

Q. Here with Ruoning Yin after her third round at the CME Group Tour Championship. Bit of a slower round for you today. It was another bogey-free round. How important is keeping bogeys off the card for you this week, even if you're not making a ton of birdies today?

RUONING YIN: I mean, you can't really complain with the bogey-free round. Today I just make less birdie than two days ago, but everything I feel like just a little bit off today, especially my approach shot. Didn't make as much green as first day, but, yeah.

Q. You keep saying that things feel off but you're playing really well. What maybe are you telling yourself during the round when you're feeling off to maybe keep going and keep playing well?

RUONING YIN: I am off. I'm six shots behind, so...

Like I said, you can't complain with a bogey-free round everything is off, but I'm really -- I think I will really focus on my swing tomorrow. Hope it can get better.

Q. Tomorrow, like you said, few strokes behind. Do you feel it's freeing that you can go out there and be aggressive? Is that the plan, to go be aggressive and forget about everything else?

RUONING YIN: I felt like if my game is on, I will go straight at it every hole. But sometimes you just -- when it doesn't feel good, you cannot just still go straight at it.

So I think depends on how I feel, and I will make strategy.

Q. Considering the year you've had and wanting to finish strong, I know you say don't have your best stuff, but what does it say about how well you played and all the work you have done that you don't have your best stuff and are still within the mix?

RUONING YIN: I think this year the word of this year you would say consistent. I feel like I'm quite consistent. Like even, like I said my game is off, I still able to make par. Not making the bogeys. So I think that makes me can still be in the top 10.

Q. How much more comfortable do you feel? Obviously last year or the first time out here, correct? After three rounds how do you feel around Tiburon now?

RUONING YIN: Yes, I feel like first four holes is always the toughest. I think first four hole is toughest hole at this golf course, and I feel like if I can get a good rhythm in the first couple holes, I will be fine.

Because like first round, I made two birdies in first four holes and it's a good day, so tomorrow I think I'll try to make at least one birdie in the first four holes.

Q. Is your coach still here?

RUONING YIN: No. He left yesterday.

Q. Okay. How long have you been working with him and how has he helped you take your game to another level?

RUONING YIN: This is our second year. Last year first time, yeah, just right before the first tournament of last year we start working together. I felt like he's that type of coach that he won't make big change, but small change, big effect. Yeah, I would say.

Q. Can you tell me one the small changes that will a big effect?

RUONING YIN: Oh, okay, sometimes I just feel doesn't feel right and he said, okay, your hips -- you should move your hips more to the left, and it works. (Smiling.)

Just that simple. It works. Like same as this week. Because wind is so strong and that make me feel, okay, I need to, you know, push more in the downswing, that makes my swing a little off, so, yeah.

Q. What are your off-season plans? What will you do after this week?

RUONING YIN: Take a week off and back to practice and Grant Thornton and off-season. I'm not sure about the plan yet.

Q. Will you go back to China?

RUONING YIN: I will stay in Orlando.

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