CME Group Tour Championship

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Nasa Hataoka

Flash Interview

Q. All right, Nasa, bogey-free 65. How would you assess this moving day?

NASA HATAOKA: My hitting and putting good again, and I'm very happy to play bogey-free today.

Q. Three birdies on your front nine. What was working so well to get the round started like that?

NASA HATAOKA: Yeah, it was kind of windy today, so I was really focus on my target.

Q. What were some of the differing conditions to yesterday? What was different about the course or conditions as opposed to yesterday?

NASA HATAOKA: I think wind direction and I think greens are a little bit faster than yesterday.

Q. A birdie on the par-5, 17. What was it like being able to take advantage of that one today?

NASA HATAOKA: It wasn't easy chip, but I had a good birdie on 17, so it was very good.

Q. Did you look at any leaderboards today?

NASA HATAOKA: Some, couple times.

Q. When was the first time you saw?

NASA HATAOKA: I forgot, but somewhere front nine.

Q. And where were you at that point?

NASA HATAOKA: I think tied for first.

Q. And when was the last time? Did you look at leaderboard as you came off?

NASA HATAOKA: On 18th green, yeah.

Q. What does it mean to you to be in contention at this event?

NASA HATAOKA: Sometimes a little bit of pressure, but still focus on my putting for the last one.

It came up a little bit short, but it was good putt I think.

Q. How do you not let the pressure get to you? Do you do anything to keep focused on golf?

NASA HATAOKA: I learn lots of thing this year, so I just need stay aggressive and I will do my best tomorrow.

Q. What will it take for you be the Race to the CME Globe champion?

NASA HATAOKA: Not to change anything.

Q. Not to change anything. What will you take from the first three days as you head into the final day tomorrow?

NASA HATAOKA: My swing feel really comfortable. Tomorrow I have a couple keys, so I will focus on my keys, good rhythm and good targets.

Q. The winner tomorrow gets a $2 million winner's check. How do you not let that get to you?

NASA HATAOKA: I think the best is to just concentrate on my round and just keep that out of my mind and just do my golf.

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