CME Group Tour Championship

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Alison Lee

Flash Interview

Q. All right, here with Alison Lee. Remarkable fight today. What you do you take away from a this final day at CME?

ALISON LEE: I mean, it was tough. I feel like I put up a good fight today. Did everything I could to put some pressure on the two girls. Amy had a phenomenal round. Once she made her eagle on 13 I think, I mean, I think that really turned the course of the whole entire day for her.

She just played so unbelievable and played super solid and it was really tough to catch. I feel like I tried my best to put some birdies on the board, put some pressure on them, but she just played way too good.

Definitely hurts a little bit. I mean, this is my third time getting second place now in the last three LPGA events, so it's definitely tough because it's hard. It's tough to put yourself in contention and get yourself in the final group on Sunday.

Been really proud of my performance over the last month. I can't complain lane. Obviously the only complaint is I wish I won one of those three.

But really happy for Amy. Hopefully I can have a good off-season and start strong again next year.

Q. I know the emotions are there. As you take a look back at this season, especially the last couple months, what are you most proud of?

ALISON LEE: I'm honestly just proud I kept it together coming down the last few events of the year. I felt like I was so tired, out of gas. I felt like I wasn't going to make it to the end of the season. I almost withdrew from Pelican because I was like, I need some rest before the last event of the year.

I'm glad I didn't and put up a fight and really happy I put myself in contention, especially after last week. It's o obviously tough to follow up a good week with another good week.

Yeah, there is not much I can say. I gave it my all; did the best I could. There were definitely shots out there over the last four days I feel like I could have done better. That's always the case in any event I play in.

Yeah, just really grateful and happy that I'm in this place. Feel like my game is in a good spot. Sucks that we get two months off before the next event. Hopefully I don't lose it too much. Really, really grateful, thankful and really happy.

MEGAN KHANG: This isn't really a question, but as a friend, I am a proud of you. You've been playing so good, Alison. It's coming.

ALISON LEE: Thank you. Obviously Megan and I would always talk about, gosh, when are we going to win out here. Always go back and forth and say you can do it, no, you can do it.

To see her win this year, it was so cool to see. And honestly, gave me motivation to win out here, too. So thank you for supporting me.

MEGAN KHANG: Always. And I'm going to be there for your first one, too, and I'm going to cry with you too.

ALISON LEE: I cried so much when you won. More than I am right now.

MEGAN KHANG: We love you. We all love you.

Q. I know this wasn't the ending that you wanted, but what's your biggest takeaway from the year?

ALISON LEE: Gosh, my biggest takeaway, like I said the other day, so many times I would joke around saying I'm just never going to win out here. I really didn't think I could ever do it.

But to play the last three weeks just continuously putting the pressure on everyone on the leaderboard and putting myself in contention has just been really cool for me and been a really awesome experience.

Playing out there today, like I was so nervous but it was so much fun. I mean, making those pressure birdie putts, hitting those shots when I needed to hit them, I mean, yeah that's what we practice for, what we live for, and that's what we enjoy doing out here.

It sucks to come second place three times, but I've enjoyed every second of it and it's been amazing. I mean, I honestly didn't think I could be in this position again. I feel like all year, especially last year I was in 20th, 30th play, making a few mistakes here and there, not feeling comfortable in certain parts of my game. Felt like I was lacking a little bit of something or some part of my game.

It's been nice for the last few events for everything to come together, and I feel like everything is working out. It's really given me a lot of confidence going forward. You know, hopefully over the next couple months I can keep working at it and hopefully come back stronger next year.

Q. You said one of these days you don't come out here to place 30th. Did this season change your mentality at all in how long you might play out here, the longevity of your career?

ALISON LEE: Yeah, of course. For the longest time, like I said the other day, I don't enjoy coming in 20th, 30th place every week. If that's what the future held for me that's not what I wanted.

Yeah, of course if I'm playing well I want to keep playing. If I'm playing this great, I want to keep winning as many events as I can. All the dreams I had when I turned pro nine years ago, I haven't been able to accomplish any of them.

If my career starts now at the age of 28, of course I want to keep going. I still have a lot of goals I want to achieve when that 19 year old Alison when she turned pro, all the things she wanted to accomplish.

If my game is in form right now, of course I'm going to keep trying to do the best I can to accomplish those goals no matter how old I am.

I mean, so many girls out here, everyone is getting younger and I'm only getting older. It's cool to see Amy playing well kind of been in the same boat as me. Hasn't won and has battled through injury and stuff like that.

So it's been really cool for her to play well and to see her play really well. Yeah, I mean, someone told me last year that Annika's prime was right around 28. When she was 28 she was playing the best golf ever.

So if that's when my career is going to start, if that's right now, of course I'm going to keep pushing and trying.

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