CME Group Tour Championship

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Amy Yang

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: All right, here with Amy Yang after your first win on American soil. You just got $2 million from CME Group Tour Championship. I know you just asked and you said you were feeling overwhelmed. Hoping you can put into words how you're feeling in this moment.

AMY YANG: You know, I still can't believe I did it. So great to have, and feeling honored to have my first win in the U.S., especially CME Group Tour Championship, yeah.

Q. I want to talk about your round today. I know you and Nasa battled back and forth on the leaderboard. At what moments did you realize that, I can do this; I'm about to win the CME Group Tour Championship?

AMY YANG: You know, not until I made the birdie putt on the 17th. You know, she is such a great player and showed a lot of like good performance out there and I was feeling really nervous.

You know, really like I had no idea where this was going. All I could do was just stick to my game and trust it.

Q. The chip-in eagle had to have been a big moment for you, right? Can you take us through that?

AMY YANG: Yes, that hole, I had about 80 yards to the pin, and it was helping down a little. Had a 58 wedge in my hand and I played about 75, just a little off.

It went straight to the pin and I saw it land really close to the pin. I had just a quick feeling that, oh, this might go in.

And was just so excited to see it went in, yeah.

Q. Just could you put in perspective what it means to be sitting here? I know you had some challenges the past couple seasons. Just to have this moment and to have it with Jan, just put that into words.

AMY YANG: Can you make it a little bit easier question?

Q. Yeah. What does it mean with everything you've gone through to be sitting here with the trophy next to you?

AMY YANG: Yes, you know, at one point I thought my season would be over very soon. Throughout my career I went through so many ups and downs, and especially recent injury. I thought -- and I told my coach, Tony, too, might not be able to play any longer.

But, you know, I'm so glad that I went through, and it's because of my team members, coach, Tony, Paul and Jan next to me. They helped me go through the tough times and I'm just so happy with them.

Q. You had a lot of friends run out and spray you and Jan with champagne. What did it mean to have the support of your friends after this win?

AMY YANG: I'm just so grateful. You know, they mean a lot to me. They're like family out on tour and, you know, I do my best. They're just all sweet friends. I'm so grateful to see them on the 18th, and I'm sure down the road I'll do the same for them, too, yeah.

Q. Congratulations.

AMY YANG: Thank you.

Q. How did today feel different to...

AMY YANG: Any other days?

Q. Recent final rounds, Sundays?

AMY YANG: Yeah, you know, actually, compared to past three rounds, I had some ego talks in my head going on. Because I had some finishes close to winning and end up finishing Top 5, top 10, and I really didn't want that to happen today.

That's something I cannot control, but yeah, I did -- like beginning of the round I felt pretty nervous and I doubt myself, can I really do this. But I think I stayed strong throughout the round really well, and just so happy. This is very meaningful.

Q. What is an ego talk?

AMY YANG: It's like -- so, yes, it just wants to play perfect round and keep telling me if I miss it, like how do you miss that, you know, you can do this better than that.

It's kind of, yeah, you're putting down yourself, things like that. Yeah, that's what we been working with my coach as well. Yeah those things pops up in daily life, and, yeah, I've been easy with it recently.

Q. You have had some incredible runs over the years, some really low rounds. You just lit it up over the years. I know you've been a really strong player for a long time. Do you feel like this is some of the best golf of your career right now?

AMY YANG: Oh, yes. Yes, definitely. Yeah. Like I said like previously, I thought my career would be over very soon and I didn't see myself -- I didn't see myself winning again.

But, you know, I tried to stay, patient and positive about my future, and I'm just happy, yeah. (Smiling.)

Q. Congratulations.

AMY YANG: Thank you.

Q. I just saw as you were coming in here that you're the oldest winner on the LPGA Tour this year. What does that mean to show the young kids that you still got it?

AMY YANG: Really? I didn't even think about it. (Laughter.)

Age is just number. Never give up. Just have dream and work hard. Yes.

Q. Just one more. I have to ask. $2 million winner's check. What's the first thing you're going to spend it on? Anything in mind?

AMY YANG: I don't know. I have no idea yet.

Q. Amy, with the win you now have the second most earnings of any South Korean on the LPGA Tour with this victory. How have you been able to stick around on the tour so long, even as you mentioned, you thought your career would be shorter than this?

AMY YANG: How? Just I think I took care of myself well mentally. Yeah, this is my 16th season and there was a time that even without injury I wanted to like retire and live another life.

But -- what did I say? Sorry. Sorry, I lost the...

Yeah, just I think I just had good balance throughout my career. I think that made me run longer.

Q. What moments did you think you might retire?

AMY YANG: Earlier career I had some burnouts trying too hard to play well and playing too many tournaments. Things like that will burn you out and that's what he went through as well, so I had to find myself like balance well, sometimes off the golf course do some fun things, stuff like that, yeah.

Q. I know you touched on this earlier this week, but can you walk through this year, choosing to put the smiley face on the hat and who might have embroidered that for you?

AMY YANG: This year I don't have main sponsor and I didn't want to wear a blank hat, so I thought it would be like fun to put a little smile, and just that's how it came up.

Q. Is it embroidered or did you draw it on?

AMY YANG: It's stitched on.

Q. Just saw you in the fairway on one hole swinging left-handed. What do you do that for, and how has it -- was that a swing thought?

AMY YANG: No, not a swing thought. Just me trying to stay loose on the course, yeah.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you so much, Amy.

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