CME Group Tour Championship

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburon Golf Club

Amy Yang

Golf Central

Q. Describe the emotions of today. You're feeling the love from this crowd.

AMY YANG: Oh, I had a lot of support out there. Just not just my friends and a lot of fans. They were all rooting for me and just because of that I had good energy and played well, yeah.

Q. Amy, you started the day tied for the lead, but when you were walking to the 7th tee you were three back. What were you telling yourself?

AMY YANG: You know, I doubted for a while. I doubted a little bit that if I can make it, if I can make the first place.

But I try to stay calm and just stay focused every hole and every shot, just so happy how I did it.

Q. Was there a point in the round that you thought, okay, I could win this?

AMY YANG: No, (laughter.) No. Nasa is such a great player. You never know.

We were so close all day, so not until 17th birdie maybe -- then I thought, you know, maybe I have chance, yeah.

Q. You're now a five-time winner on the LPGA, three of them have come in Thailand. To win in front of a U.S. crowd, you can see how much they love, how different does it feel to win over here in America?

AMY YANG: I always want my first win in U.S., and it's so great to see I have many fans here, too, and just so grateful.

Especially winning the Tour Championship.

(Crown chanting Amy, Amy, Amy.)

Thank you so much.

Q. It's been quite a journey. You've been a consistent player but almost 1,800 days since your last win. Along the way did you begin to doubt whether or not you would win again?

AMY YANG: I did. I actually did. I did doubt it, especially after my tennis elbow injury last year. I thought my career would be over very soon.

But with a lot of help from doctors and my team I got through the hard times, and just so happy, yeah.

Q. We played together on tour. You've had a 16-year career. How have you maintained such a long, consistent /the career? You've had now five wins. How have you been able to do that over the course of 16 seasons?

AMY YANG: I would say balance. You know, I try to have good balance. Not just so much golf. I try to have some fun in my life as well.

I think I did that really well and I think that helped me go through a long time.

Q. Looking at you on the desk here, of course the blue jacket is a wonderful accessory, but we have all been drawn very much to your visor. Obviously no sponsor this week, but you've got a very cute little smiley face. Give us the story behind that.

AMY YANG: Yeah, so I don't have sponsor this year, and I decide not to because I want to focus on myself and golf only.

And instead of wearing blank hat I wanted to put a little smiley face, so I thought it would be fun to do.

Q. You hit one of the most memorable shots without a doubt this year. One of the best shots really in LPGA history. It'll go down, what you did on the back nine really well. Take us through what you were thinking on the shot, how far away it was, and how you got into it.

AMY YANG: Yeah, so it was about 80 yards to the pin and slightly downwind. I had my 58 wedge in my hand. Played slightly off my full swing.

I saw it landed really close to the pin and had a feeling, oh, this might go in.

Q. People just marvel at your rhythm and golf swing. Here it is in slow motion. People watch golf not just to be entertained, but to get better. What do you do to maintain your rhythm and your golf swing? It's so beautiful.

AMY YANG: All the work, but my go-to swing thought is 1, 2, 3. Good rhythm.

Q. One on the way back, two at the top, and then...

AMY YANG: Yeah, hit the ball.

Q. There was almost a three.


Q. This pitch shot, you said a minute ago this was the moment you thought it might be possible. What a moment. Take us through this shot.

AMY YANG: Yeah, I think it was about almost 30 yards to the pin. I could see the green was coming towards me and the wind into as well, so I think I could stop this ball really quick and had a chance to hit it really close.

Q. Did you have a good look at it? Did you think it was going in?

AMY YANG: I thought it was going in. (Laughter.)

Q. Well, you did not look nervous out there. $2 million went to the winner, is going to you. Did that added $2 million make you more nervous sleeping last night, on the first tee, while you were playing? Did you think about that?

AMY YANG: No, actually, not the purse. I was just more concerned about can I really make it this time, yeah. That's my biggest thought.

Q. Looking at your face, when we say you're walking home with $2 million that clearly means a lot. For all of you out here on the LPGA. What does a purse like that, which is doubling next year to $4 million, how huge is that for the players of the LPGA?

AMY YANG: Oh, it is one of the biggest tournament and we're all deeply like appreciate what CME and Terry Duffy are doing for women's golf. Looking forward coming back.

Q. Anything you're going to treat yourself too?

AMY YANG: I don't know yet. (Laughter.)

Q. I know Xiyu Lin was saying you're rooming together at an airbnb and if you won you had to pick up the bill.


Q. Some of the check might have to go to that.


Q. Amy, I've often called you one of the more perplexing players in golf because you're so consistent, so good in the biggest tournaments: 21 Top 10s in major championships. That speaks to your considerable talent. Along the way, it's easy to develop scar tissue. Did all those close calls in major championships leave you wanting more or scar you a little bit?

AMY YANG: I would say both. It is painful to lose the good opportunity, but it also make me go for next run.

So good experience I would say.

Q. The way you played today, Amy, it is impossible to not see you contending in the five major championships coming up next season. Congratulations on your performance.

AMY YANG: Thank you so much.

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